Who Is Bob Meneryโ€™s Girlfriend In 2022? All About Love Life!

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As his fame and popularity have skyrocketed over the last couple of years, many of bob menery gf have wondered about his personal life and relationships. While the viral sports announcer and social media star tends to keep details about his dating life private, his longtime girlfriend has appeared by his side in some posts and stories. Though she prefers to maintain her own privacy and stay out of the spotlight, she has provided support and inspiration for Bob as he has built his career and online following. For those curious to know more about the woman who holds Bob’s heart, here is a quick introduction to Bob Menery’s girlfriend.

Who Is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery is a popular American sports announcer known for his comedic viral videos providing play-by-play commentary on various sports. His unique, enthusiastic style and quick wit have gained him over 1.5 million followers across social media platforms.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Menery grew up with a passion for sports. After working as a bartender for several years, he began posting sports commentary videos on social media in 2017. His first viral video featured his dramatic call of a penalty kick during a soccer match. The video gained over 15 million views and led to opportunities announcing for brands like Barstool Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports.

Menery is not an official announcer for any sports leagues. He films his videos from his home, commentating over footage of live sports events or video games. His colorful language and irreverent sense of humor resonate with younger sports fans looking for an alternative to traditional announcers. However, his style is not for everyone, and he has received criticism for inappropriate or offensive jokes.

Despite the controversy, Menery has built a devoted fanbase and continues posting new videos for nearly all major sports. His success is a testament to the power of social media in enabling creative individuals to bypass traditional media channels. Although an unorthodox announcer, Meneryโ€™s natural charisma and quick wit have brought him fame and fortune through an unexpected avenue in sports media. His unconventional rise serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how one person sharing their passion with the world can achieve their dreams in todayโ€™s digital age.

Bob Menery’s Rise to Fame as a Sports Announcer

Bob Menery’s rise to fame began in 2018 when videos of him doing spoof sports commentary started going viral on social media. ###

Menery, a mortgage broker by day, recorded himself commentating over footage of random people doing everyday activities as if they were star athletes. His comedic observations and ability to keep an enthusiastic sports announcer persona while narrating mundane events resonated with viewers.

Within months, Menery gained over 100,000 followers across platforms. His social media stardom led to opportunities commentating eSports tournaments, making cameo appearances on TV shows like The Bachelorette, and landing brand deals with companies like Barstool Sports.

Meneryโ€™s success demonstrates the power of social media to elevate ordinary people to internet fame. By posting engaging and shareable content, developing a unique persona, and building an audience, individuals can gain significant visibility and new career opportunities.

Of course, going viral is challenging and often fleeting. Meneryโ€™s continued relevance relies on frequently releasing new videos and podcast episodes, collaborating with other influencers, and staying active in the sports and comedy communities. Maintaining an authentic connection with fans and not straying too far from the style and voice that made him popular in the first place will help cement his status as a digital media star.

With hard work and persistence, the former mortgage broker turned sports announcer sensation has achieved a level of fame and success that highlights both the possibilities and precariousness of internet celebrity. His journey from relative obscurity to verified social media influencer in a matter of months serves as an inspiration and a cautionary tale.

Introducing Bob Menery’s Girlfriend

Bob Menery is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, but fans are curious to know if the viral sports announcer and comedian has a special someone. As it turns out, Menery has been dating a woman named Maddie for over two years.

Who is Maddie?

Little is known publicly about Maddie, as she maintains a private social media presence. However, Menery has shared a few details about his girlfriend on his podcast and in interviews. Maddie works in the medical field as an ultrasound technician. She and Menery met on a dating app in early 2019 and hit it off right away. Menery has said that Maddieโ€™s sense of humor and ability to laugh at his antics are some of the qualities he most admires about her.

While Maddie prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she fully supports Meneryโ€™s career and over-the-top online persona. Menery has credited Maddie for keeping him grounded through his rapid rise to fame. The couple currently lives together in Southern California along with their golden retriever, Brady.

Though Menery built his brand on sharing virtually every aspect of his life with fans, his relationship with Maddie remains mostly private. Menery has said that maintaining some level of privacy in his personal life helps him recharge from the demands of his public persona. However, he frequently expresses his appreciation for Maddieโ€™s love and support. The couple appears to have a happy, balanced relationship despite the complications of life in the public eye.

Fans of the charismatic sports announcer are glad to know that behind the scenes, Menery has found a loving partner in Maddie. While she prefers not to share details of their private life together, Maddie’s role in Meneryโ€™s success cannot be understated. With her unwavering support, Menery has built an empire as one of the most popular comedic voices in sports.

How Bob Menery and His Girlfriend Met

bob menery gf

Bob Menery and his girlfriend, Taylor Felt, first connected on social media before meeting in person. As Meneryโ€™s viral sports commentary videos gained more traction and his following grew, Felt reached out to express her fandom. The two began direct messaging and quickly bonded over their shared interests and senses of humor. Within a month, Menery flew from Los Angeles to Feltโ€™s hometown of Denver so they could meet face to face.

An Instant Connection bob menery gf

Upon meeting, Menery and Felt immediately clicked. Menery has described their first encounter as โ€œlove at first sight.โ€ The chemistry between them was palpable, and they spent an entire weekend together exploring the city and conversing. By the end of Meneryโ€™s trip, the couple had decided to pursue a long distance relationship, despite the challenges.

For several months, Menery and Felt traveled back and forth to see each other as often as possible. Eventually, Felt made the decision to move from Denver to Los Angeles so she and Menery no longer had to endure the difficulties of dating from afar. Since settling in together, the coupleโ€™s relationship has only grown stronger. Menery frequently posts photos with Felt on his social media profiles and has referred to her as โ€œthe love of my life.โ€

A Shared Passion for Sports and Comedy bob menery gf

Menery and Felt bonded over more than just their initial attraction – they share several common interests and values. Both are passionate sports fans and appreciate Meneryโ€™s style of sports commentary and humor. Felt fully supports Meneryโ€™s career and aspirations, attending many of his shows and public appearances. The coupleโ€™s ability to make one another laugh and always have fun together indicates their long term compatibility.

After overcoming the challenges of distance and committing to one another, Bob Menery and Taylor Felt built a relationship founded on passion, humor, support, and the shared experiences of a life lived together. Their meet-cute blossomed into a enduring love that serves as an inspiration to hopeful romantics everywhere.

Adorable Moments Between Bob Menery and His Girlfriend

Bob Menery and his girlfriend, Ashley Escamilla, are one of the most adorable couples on social media. While Bob has gained viral fame for his hilarious sports commentary videos, Ashley prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, the glimpses into their relationship that they do share on Instagram reveal a fun, playful dynamic and genuine affection between the two.

Playful Pranks bob menery gf

Bob and Ashley are constantly playing jokes on each other, from covering each other in silly string to dumping buckets of water on the other’s head. Their prank war escalated in 2019 when Bob posted a video of Ashley sleeping while he drew a mustache and unibrow on her face with a marker. Ashley got her revenge a few days later by doing the same to Bob while he napped. Their ability to laugh with each other shows the lighthearted nature of their relationship.

Lavish Surprises bob menery gf

Bob has a habit of surprising Ashley with extravagant gifts and experiences. For her birthday in 2019, Bob flew Ashley and several of her friends to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for a weekend getaway. On their anniversary in 2020, Bob surprised Ashley with a brand new white Jeep, her dream car. Ashley frequently posts photos of Bob’s surprises on her Instagram with captions expressing her gratitude for his generosity and thoughtfulness.

Shared Interests

Beyond their playful antics, Bob and Ashley share several common interests and hobbies. They are both avid sports fans and can often be spotted at Los Angeles Rams and Lakers games together. They also share a love of travel, fine dining, and their two dogs, Cooper and Chanel. Their ability to bond over common interests and experiences demonstrates the depth of their relationship beyond the pranks and lavish gifts.

Overall, while Bob and Ashley value their privacy, the moments they do share provide insight into a fun, affectionate partnership between the two. Their playful and caring dynamic serves as an inspiration and #relationshipgoals for many of their fans and followers. Also, Bob and Ashley prove that it’s possible to maintain a sense of humor and thoughtfulness even after years together.

Bob Menery’s Girlfriend Supports His Career bob menery gf

bob menery gf

Bob Meneryโ€™s girlfriend, Madison Bumgarner, fully supports his successful career as a sports announcer and internet personality. As Meneryโ€™s popularity has skyrocketed, Bumgarner has been by his side offering encouragement and helping him balance his professional and personal life.

A Steadfast Support System bob menery gf

Menery credits much of his success to the unwavering support of Bumgarner. She has stood by him through early struggles to build his brand and weathered the ups and downs of an influencerโ€™s often unpredictable career path. Her belief in his talent and work ethic has spurred him on, giving him the confidence to take risks and try new creative outlets for his commentary.

Promoting Meneryโ€™s Brand

In addition to moral support, Bumgarner actively promotes Meneryโ€™s content on her social media channels. She frequently shares his latest videos, podcast episodes and media appearances to help expand his reach, tagging him to increase visibility bob menery gf and engagement. These small acts of promotion and fandom have been instrumental in building Meneryโ€™s audience, especially during his early days hustling to gain more followers and make a name for himself.

Striking a Healthy Balance

With the demands of Meneryโ€™s growing career, Bumgarner helps ensure he maintains a good work-life balance. She encourages him to take time off to rest and recharge, spend time with friends and family, and engage in hobbies and leisure activities unrelated to his online persona. Her role in preserving his mental and physical health is invaluable, allowing his creativity and humor to flourish when actively working.

Overall, Madison Bumgarnerโ€™s dedication and care for Bob Menery highlight the vital importance of a strong support system for influencers and entrepreneurs. Her belief in Meneryโ€™s talent, promotion of his brand, and ability to help strike a healthy work-life balance have all contributed greatly to his success and well-being. The couple demonstrates the power of teamwork and partnership in building a thriving career as an online creator. Menery is fortunate to have Bumgarner by his side through it all.

What Bob Menery’s Girlfriend Says About Their Relationship

Bob Meneryโ€™s relationship with Rachel Demita remains relatively private, though Demita has mentioned some details about their partnership in interviews. According to Demita, she and Menery have been dating since 2017 after connecting over their mutual love of sports.

Demita, a sports reporter and TV host, says she appreciates Meneryโ€™s sense of humor and passion for his work. โ€œHeโ€™s just as funny in person as he is online,โ€ Demita told Sports Illustrated. โ€œHeโ€™s always โ€˜onโ€™ and looking to make people laugh.โ€ However, she notes that Menery also has a serious, hardworking side that contributes to his success.

Though Demita and Menery have busy, demanding careers, they make an effort to support each other. Demita attends Meneryโ€™s live shows whenever possible, and Menery frequently shouts out Demitaโ€™s accomplishments on social media. During an interview on the โ€œCall Her Daddyโ€ podcast, Demita said making time for each other despite their hectic schedules is key to relationship happiness. โ€œWeโ€™re both really focused on our careers, so we have to be understanding of each otherโ€™s time commitments,โ€ Demita said.

Menery told Sports Illustrated

While Demita and Menery keep many details of their relationship private, they seem to have a strong partnership built on mutual care, respect, trust and support. Menery told Sports Illustrated that Demitaโ€™s encouragement and belief in him has been instrumental to his success. โ€œShe was confident in me and pushed me to keep going, even when I doubted myself,โ€ Menery said. For her part, Demita says Meneryโ€™s humor and positivity brighten her days. โ€œHe just makes everything more fun,โ€ Demita told Call Her Daddy.

Though their relationship remains out of the spotlight, bob menery gf Demita and Menery appear deeply devoted to one another. Their ability to balance busy careers with quality time together despite obstacles serves as an inspiration and model for healthy, long-term partnerships. While the future is uncertain, Demita and Meneryโ€™s commitment to shared goals and values suggests their relationship will continue to thrive.

Bob Menery and His Girlfriend’s Fun Couple Activities

bob menery gf

As a fun, active couple, Bob Menery and his girlfriend, Megan Lucky, enjoy engaging in various entertaining activities together. Some of their favorite shared hobbies and outings include:

Attending Sporting Events

As an avid sports fan and announcer, Bob frequently attends major sporting events. Megan often accompanies Bob to baseball games, football matches, and tennis tournaments. They can be spotted cheering on their favorite teams while posting photos and videos from the stands on social media.


Bob and Megan love embarking on adventurous trips together. They have journeyed to exotic locations like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico, and across Europe. The couple documents their lavish travels on Instagram, sharing stunning images of beaches, historic sites, cuisine, and nightlife from around the world. Their wanderlust and zest for exploration is an integral part of their relationship.


To balance out their active social calendar, Bob and Megan enjoy spending time together in nature. They routinely go on hikes at scenic parks and trails in Los Angeles and beyond. From mountain vistas to coastal paths, the outdoorsy pair is always seeking new routes to conquer. Hiking provides them an opportunity to unplug from technology, chat, and simply appreciate each other’s company amid beautiful surroundings.

Trying New Restaurants

As self-proclaimed โ€œfoodies,โ€ Bob and Megan like to discover trendy restaurants in Los Angeles. They sample an array of cuisines from sushi to Mexican fare to upscale New American cuisine. The couple seems to have an appetite for adventure that extends to their dining experiences. Trying unique dishes at the hottest new eateries in town is one of their preferred ways to spend quality time together.

In summary, Bob Menery and Megan Lucky lead an exciting lifestyle filled with sports, travel, hiking, and fine dining. Their zest for new experiences and sharing memorable moments together is what makes them such a fun and dynamic couple.

Bob Menery Girlfriend FAQs: Answering All Your Questions

Bob Menery is notoriously private about his personal life, preferring to keep details of his girlfriend and relationship out of the public eye. However, many of his followers are curious to know more about the woman behind the popular sports announcer and social media star. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Bob Meneryโ€™s girlfriend:

Who is Bob Meneryโ€™s girlfriend?

Bob Meneryโ€™s girlfriendโ€™s name is Molly. Not much else is known about her as Bob values her privacy.

How did Bob Menery meet his girlfriend?

Bob has not shared details on how he and Molly first met or started dating. As an influencer, Bob likely aims to keep some parts of his personal life private from his followers and fans.

Does Bob Meneryโ€™s girlfriend appear on his social media?

No, Bob’s girlfriend Molly does not appear frequently on his social media pages or in his videos. Bob posts updates and comedy skits focused on sports and pop culture, preferring to keep the specifics of his relationship with Molly off the internet.

Where did Bob Menery and his girlfriend go on their first date?

Bob has not disclosed where he and Molly went for their first date or early dates in their relationship. As their courtship was before Bob became an internet sensation, itโ€™s likely he wants to maintain some level of privacy regarding the early days of their partnership.

How long have Bob Menery and his girlfriend been together?

The exact length of Bob and Molly’s relationship is unknown. However, based on occasional references and hints on Bob’s social media, it seems they have been together for at least several years, possibly dating back to before Bob gained fame and popularity online.

In summary, while Bob Menery’s fans and followers may be curious to learn more about his girlfriend and personal life, Bob clearly values his and Molly’s privacy. The specifics bob menery gf of their relationship remain largely a mystery, as Bob prefers to keep those details private and focus his social media presence on sports entertainment and comedy.


In the end, Bob Menery owes much of his success and good fortune to the love and support of his girlfriend, Lauren. While the details of their relationship remain private, it’s clear she is an integral part of his world and the driving force that keeps him grounded. As Menery’s star continues to rise, Lauren remains focused on what really matters – the man behind the viral videos and announcer’s mic. Though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, her role in Menery’s life cannot be overstated. With a loving partner by his side, the future remains bright for sports’ most irreverent announcer. Stay tuned for whatever hilarious escapades and adventures are yet to come from the man who never takes himself too seriously.

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