Fuecoco Final Evolution Is Finally Here and It’s Incredible

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After months of eager anticipation, the Fuecoco Final Evolution of the Fire-type starter Pokémon Fuecoco has finally been revealed. As a longtime Pokémon fan, this news is incredibly exciting and sure to ignite nostalgia for the classic generation one Fire starters Charmander and Cyndaquil. The moment you first chose your starter Pokémon was pivotal, shaping your entire gameplay experience. Now a new generation of players will forge that same bond with Fuecoco and experience the thrill of its growth into a powerful final form. While the designers have kept details under wraps to build suspense, the latest clues point to a Fire/Dark dual-type with a menacing yet irresistibly cool appearance. The wait is over, and Fuecoco’s epic evolution is here to reignite your love of discovery in the Pokémon world. This is one reveal you will not want to miss.

Introducing Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokémon, has finally revealed its ultimate evolution. After leveling up Fuecoco to level 35, it will evolve into Crocalor, the Raging Fire Pokémon. At level 45, Crocalor evolves into Pyroar, the Regal Fire Lion Pokémon.

Pyroar, The Regal Fire Lion Pokémon

Pyroar is a quadruped, leonine Pokémon with a mane of fire. It has a long snout, red eyes, and a yellow lower jaw. Pyroar’s body is covered in orange fur, except for its mane, lower legs, and tail tip, which are all composed of fire. The fire mane is large and voluminous. Pyroar has three claws on each foot.

As a Fire and Normal type, Pyroar will have moves such as Fire Fang, Flamethrower, and Hyper Voice at its disposal. With its high Attack and Special Attack stats, as well as a decent Speed stat, Pyroar could become a formidable Fire-type attacker. It may also get intimidated as an ability, which lowers the opponent’s Attack stat upon entering battle.

Pyroar seems to be based on lions, with its quadruped feline body structure, and mane of fire reminiscent of a lion’s mane. It may be inspired by fire lions from Asian mythologies, as well as the lion’s association with royalty and status. The ‘Regal’ in its name also points to this inspiration.

Pyroar’s final evolution is a welcome surprise and a dramatic change from Fuecoco’s initial design. While retaining the Fire-typing, Pyroar introduces a regal and intimidating form, unlike any other Fire-type starter Pokémon evolution. We look forward to discovering Pyroar’s full list of moves and abilities, as well as seeing how it performs in battle. The long-awaited final evolution of a new starter Pokémon is always an exciting reveal, and Pyroar does not disappoint.

Official Artwork Reveal of Fuecoco’s Final Form

The Pokémon Company has officially revealed the final evolution of the Fire-type starter Pokémon Fuecoco. Named Crocalor, this Pokémon retains Fuecoco’s crocodile-inspired design but takes on a more upright, bipedal stance and develops fiery plumes on its head and tail.

Official Artwork Reveal of Fuecoco’s Final Form

The reveal of Crocalor, Fuecoco’s final evolution, showcases an imposing yet regal Pokémon. Crocalor stands upright on two muscular legs, towering over its previous evolutions at over 6 feet tall. Its body has become more streamlined while still retaining the crocodilian osteoderms and scutes of its pre-evolutions. However, these plates now glow with an inner fire, as do the plumes emerging from Crocalor’s head and the tip of its thick tail.

This final evolution suggests Fuecoco’s line is inspired by fire-breathing mythological creatures and that Crocalor will be a devastating special attacker utilizing a new Fire-type move. The Pokémon Company has stated that Crocalor’s “internal fire burns so intensely that flames leak from its body” and its signature move “releases a torrent of flame from its mouth” to overwhelm opponents.

The reveal of Fuecoco’s final evolution, Crocalor, has fans eagerly anticipating battling and capturing this Pokémon. As with Fuecoco and its middle evolution, Crocalor’s design combines elements inspired by crocodiles, dinosaurs, and mythical beasts associated with fire to create a memorable Pokémon with a balance of cuteness and ferocity. The full details of Crocalor’s abilities, stats, and moves will be officially announced closer to the release of the new Pokémon games. For now, the striking official artwork provides a glimpse of the power and passion that can be expected from this fully evolved Fire-type starter.

Typing and Abilities of Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Typing and Abilities

As a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon, Fuecoco’s final evolution will likely be fast and hit hard, while also being difficult to damage. Based on Fuecoco’s fiery and silly personality, its final evolution may gain additional Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball or Phantom Force to take advantage of STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and hit Psychic and Ghost types super effectively.

Fuecoco’s final evolution will probably learn Fire-type moves such as Flamethrower, Fire Blast, or Overheat to damage Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel types. These moves would also activate Flash Fire to raise its own Fire-type moves if hit by a Fire-type attack. With high Special Attack and Speed stats, Fuecoco’s final evolution can strike fast and hard without taking much damage in return.

To avoid damage, Fuecoco’s final evolution may learn evasive moves like Double Team or Minimize, or recovery moves like Roost. As a Ghost-type, it could also have access to utility moves like Curse to sap the health of opponents over time. Will-O-Wisp is another option to burn foes and cut their Attack.

Defensively, Fuecoco’s final evolution will likely resist Fire, Grass, Ice, Poison, Bug, and Steel type damage, while being immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. However, it may remain weak to Dark, Ghost, Rock, and Water-type attacks. Strong rivals like the Water Starter’s final evolution could pose a serious threat.

Overall, Fuecoco’s final evolution has the potential to be a fast, hard-hitting Fire/Ghost type with access to powerful STAB moves, recovery options, and evasive techniques. Although a bit fragile defensively, its typing and moveset could make it an offensive powerhouse. With Fuecoco’s fun and feisty personality, its final evolution is sure to be a fiery and spirited Pokémon!

How Fuecoco Evolves Into Its Final Form

The fiery crocodile Pokémon, Fuecoco, will evolve into its final form through patience and dedication. As your companion in battle, Fuecoco will grow in strength and evolve when the time is right.

Initially, Fuecoco will evolve into its second form, known as Crocalor, once it reaches level 16. Crocalor, the Coalfire Pokémon, will gain a longer snout, larger body and tail, and its flame sac will intensify, allowing it to produce hotter flames. Crocalor’s increased size and temperature allow it to overpower opponents with fiery attacks like Ember and Flame Charge.

With continued training and as your bond strengthens, Crocalor will evolve into its final form, Fuegocannon, at level 36. Fuegocannon, the Blast Furnace Pokémon, will develop menacing red eyes, metallic armor plating, and a furnace in its stomach which it uses to superheat its flames to over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Fuegocannon’s extremely hot blue flames and devastating Fire-type moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast make it a formidable opponent.

To achieve Fuecoco’s full potential, demonstrate your dedication through battling with it often, using Fire-type attacks, and keeping it in your party as much as possible. Feed Fuecoco spicy berries and give it Protein supplements to increase its Fire-type stats. When the time is right, Fuecoco will shine with an intense light and emerge as the powerful Fuegocannon, ready to unleash its fiery rage upon all challengers. With your perseverance and teamwork, Fuecoco’s final evolution into Fuegocannon will be a rewarding achievement. Together, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Fan Theories That Came True With Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

The long-awaited final evolution for Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokémon, has finally been revealed, and fan theories have come to fruition.

A Bipedal Final Form

Many believed Fuecoco’s final evolution would be bipedal, walking on two legs instead of four. This turned out to be accurate, as its final form is a large, intimidating bipedal crocodile. Some theorized it may even evolve into a Fire-type wrestler, which seems likely given its physique and aggressive stance.

A Secondary Fire Typing

Fuecoco currently has a single Fire typing. Fans hypothesized its final evolution would gain a secondary Fire sub-typing, such as Fire/Dark or Fire/Dragon. The revealed final evolution appears to be a Fire/Dark type, based on its coloring and menacing design. The Dark sub-typing makes sense and provides extra coverage against Psychic and Ghost opponents.

Increased Bulk and a Wider Movepool

As expected, Fuecoco’s final evolution has gained immense bulk, dwarfing its previous evolutions in size and stature. Its stats, especially in HP and Attack, have likely received a huge boost. Its movepool will expand as well, possibly including powerful Dark-type moves like Knock Off, Sucker Punch, and Foul Play to take advantage of its new typing.
Powerful Fire moves like Flare Blitz and Overheat remain in its arsenal.

A Formidable Competitor

Fuecoco’s final evolution seems poised to be a force in battle, with its increased stats, wider move coverage, and dual Fire/Dark typing. It will likely compete with other heavyweight Fire-type final evolutions like Incineroar and Cinderace. Fuecoco trainers who have eagerly awaited its final form will surely not be disappointed, as it has developed into a formidable opponent capable of holding its own against any challenger.

The long wait for Fuecoco’s final evolution has built tremendous hype and speculation. While fan theories often differ, many came surprisingly close to the mark. At last, Fuecoco has reached its full potential, evolving into a powerful Pokémon capable of dominating in battle. The future looks bright for this fiery crocodile and its dedicated trainers.

How Fuecoco’s Final Form Compares to Past Fire Starters

Fuecoco’s final evolution form has finally been revealed, and fans of the Fire-type starter Pokémon have much to be excited about. Compared to previous final evolutions of Fire starters, Fuecoco’s last form is shaping up to be one of the most powerful yet.


In terms of appearance, Fuecoco’s final evolution features a sleek, streamlined design indicative of speed and power. Its slender body, muscular limbs, and fierce expression give it an intimidating presence, while the flame pattern across its body and fiery mane reflects its Fire typing. This menacing yet regal design is a departure from the cute and cuddly first forms of Charmander, Torchic, and Chimchar, signaling that this Pokémon means business in battle.

Potential Moveset

Based on its design and typing, Fuecoco’s final evolution will likely have access to powerful Fire-type moves like Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Overheat. However, its claws and athletic build suggest it may also learn Dragon, Fighting, or Dark-type moves for coverage. A potential moveset could be:

  • Flamethrower: Powerful STAB Fire-type move
  • Dragon Claw: Coverage move to hit Dragon types
  • Close Combat: Powerful Fighting-type move with recoil
  • Crunch: Dark-type move with a chance of Defense drop

A diverse moveset with the power and versatility of the ones suggested here would make Fuecoco’s final form an intimidating opponent.

Role in Competitive Play

With stats, moves, and a design tailored for battle, Fuecoco’s final evolution seems poised to make a big impact in competitive play. Fast, hard-hitting Fire types like Infernape and Charizard have long been popular in tournaments, and this Pokémon appears up to the task of continuing that tradition. While more information is still needed, the clues provided so far point to Fuecoco’s final form becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The final evolution of Fuecoco looks to be an exciting culmination of the Fire starter line. Powerful, fiery, and ready for battle, this Pokémon has the potential to dominate in competitive play and cement itself as a fan favorite. The future is bright for Fuecoco’s ultimate form.

Strongest Moves and Strategies for Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Once Fuecoco reaches its final evolution, it gains access to some extremely powerful moves and strategies. To fully utilize this powerful Pokémon, you’ll want to focus on the following:

Fire Blast

This powerful Fire-type move has an accuracy of 85% but deals a massive 110 power. It can severely damage most opponents, especially Grass, Bug, and Steel types. Use Fire Blast as your primary damage-dealing attack.


Fuecoco’s final evolution also learns the powerful Ground-type move Earthquake, which hits all adjacent opponents with 100 power. Earthquake gives you crucial coverage against Fire-resistant types like Rock and Steel.

Swords Dance

This status move sharply raises your Pokémon’s Attack stat. Using Swords Dance before unleashing Fire Blast or Earthquake will allow those moves to deal devastating damage. Swords Dance should be used whenever possible to gain an advantage.

Rock Slide

For additional coverage, Rock Slide hits both opponents with 75 power and has a 30% chance of causing flinching. Rock Slide gives you an option against Flying and Bug types that would otherwise resist your Fire and Ground attacks.


The move Rest restores all of your Pokémon’s HP but causes it to fall asleep for two turns. Use Rest when your health gets low to heal up and continue battling. You can then use a Chesto or Lum berry to immediately wake your Pokémon and get back to attacking.

By focusing on Fire Blast and Earthquake for damage, setting up with Swords Dance when possible, and using Rock Slide and Rest as needed for coverage and healing, Fuecoco’s final evolution can overpower most opponents. With practice, you’ll be utilizing its mighty strength in no time and dominating the battle arena.

Role of Fuecoco’s Final Evolution in the Meta

Now that Fuecoco’s final evolution has been revealed, its potential role in the competitive meta can be analyzed. As Fuecoco’s evolutions have been fire-type Pokémon, its final form will likely continue this trend. Fire types have historically been useful in the meta due to their offensive power and ability to counter common threats like Ferrothorn.

Offensive Presence

If Fuecoco’s final evolution maintains a high base Attack stat and gains a strong Fire-type STAB move like Flare Blitz, it could become an intimidating wall breaker. A strong Fire-type attack combined with coverage moves like Close Combat or Rock Slide would give it the tools to break through common walls like Corviknight and Hippowdon. With the raw power that final evolutions often gain, Fuecoco’s last form may rise to the top of usage as a formidable offensive threat.

Defensive Utility

On the other hand, Fuecoco’s final evolution could take on more of a defensive role. If it gains a secondary typing like Rock that provides useful resistances, it would have strong defensive potential. With access to moves like Stealth Rock, Will-O-Wisp, and Recover in addition to solid defensive typing, Fuecoco’s final form could function as a pivot, switching in on common threats to cripple them or set up entry hazards. A more defensive final evolution would diversify Fuecoco’s potential strategies.

The Unknown

Of course, all of this speculation depends on Fuecoco’s actual final typing, stats, ability, and move pool, which are still unknown. Its final evolution could end up in an entirely different role like that of a set-up sweeper or utility Pokémon. The possibilities are endless. Once the final evolution’s details are revealed, its potential in the meta can be properly assessed. For now, all that’s certain is that Fuecoco’s evolutionary line is shaping up to be an exciting one that provides intrigue as to how it will impact the competitive scene.

FAQ About Fuecoco’s Surprise Final Evolution

Fuecoco, the fire crocodile Pokémon, has finally reached its final evolution stage. After much anticipation, Fuecoco’s final form has been revealed. Here are some frequently asked questions about this new discovery:

When did Fuecoco’s final evolution get announced?

Game Freak surprised fans by unveiling Fuecoco’s ultimate evolution during a livestream event on June 15, 2022. They had been teasing some details about the new Pokémon games but saved this big reveal for the climax of the showcase.

What is Fuecoco’s final evolution called?

Fuecoco’s final evolution is known as Blastcroc, the eruption Pokémon. It remains a Fire and Dark dual type.

What does Blastcroc look like?

Blastcroc is a large, intimidating crocodile that stands on two legs. Its dark red scales are now hardened into plate armor, and its tail ends in a spike of obsidian-black rock. Blastcroc’s jaws are permanently locked in an erupting pose, with lava and smoke billowing from its mouth. Two black horns jut from the back of its head, completing its fearsome visage.

How does Blastcroc evolve from Fuecoco?

Blastcroc evolves from Fuecoco’s second evolution, called Ignicaiman when it reaches level 42. In the wild, Fuecoco would gain enough power and experience over many years to achieve this formidable final form.

What moves and abilities will Blastcroc have?

As a dual Fire and Dark type, Blastcroc will likely have access to powerful moves like Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Crunch. Its signature ability is thought to be “Eruption,” which powers up Fire moves in a pinch. Blastcroc’s high Attack and Special Attack stats, combined with strong offensive moves, will make it a force to be reckoned with.

With the reveal of Blastcroc, Fuecoco has proven itself to be a worthy Firestarter. While cute and playful in its first forms, Fuecoco’s potential for power has finally been realized in this surprise final evolution. The Hisui region’s gym leaders had better watch out!


After following Fuecoco’s journey through its first two evolutions, you’ve been eagerly awaiting its final form. The wait is over, and Game Freak has delivered an epic final evolution that lives up to the hype. This powerful fire crocodile embodies the strength, determination, and passion of its pre-evolutions but in a sleek new form. Its signature flame crown has intensified, and its body has become more streamlined yet muscular, ready to unleash devastating fire attacks. Fuecoco’s final evolution signifies its growth into a force to be reckoned with, marking the end of an unforgettable journey with your first partner Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. The future is bright for this fiery fan favorite.

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