Geek with Style: A Toronto Lifestyle Blog for Geeks

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Geek with Style: A Toronto Lifestyle Blog for Geeks

Whether you’re a geek, nerd, or dork, Toronto is a city that embraces all varieties of techies and pop culture mavens. As one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in North America, Toronto is filled with opportunities for the technically inclined. At the same time, Toronto remains a cultural mecca for movies, television, comics, gaming, and more. However, navigating the exciting events, new restaurants, stylish stores, and hip workspaces in this sprawling city can be challenging.

Geek with Style is here to be your guide to living an engaged lifestyle in Toronto as a geek about town. This blog will highlight the latest openings, review the newest gear, cover the hottest events, and help you discover or rediscover parts of the city from a geek’s perspective. We aim to showcase how to blend your interests in technology, science fiction, and pop culture with an active social and cultural life in Toronto. From the latest in virtual reality to the tastiest-themed cocktails, Geek with Style has you covered. Join us as we explore all the geeky pleasures this city has to offer.

Introducing Geek With Style: A Toronto Lifestyle Blog for Geeks

The Founders

Geek with Style was founded in 2017 by Toronto locals and self-proclaimed geeks, Jenny Wu and Mike Lee. As engineers by day and lifestyle bloggers by night, they started the blog to share their passion for all things tech, gaming, comics, and pop culture with fellow geeks in the city.

Content and Coverage

Geek with Style covers a wide range of topics geared toward geeks with an interest in tech, gaming, movies, TV shows, and pop culture. Some of the areas you can expect to read about on the blog include:

  • The latest gadgets, gear, and technology
  • Reviews of video games, comics, movies, and streaming shows
  • Event coverage from Fan Expo, Comic-Con and esports tournaments
  • Interviews with creators, cosplayers, and influencers in the geek scene
  • Recommendations for the top geek bars, cafes, and hangouts in Toronto
  • Advice and how-tos on building a gaming PC, starting a podcast, or creating cosplay costumes

With new posts published three times a week, there is always fresh content for readers to geek out over. The blog has built up a loyal readership over the years and has become the go-to source for all things geeky and Toronto.

Join the Community

In addition to the blog, Geek with Style has active profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Follow along on social media for extra content, updates, giveaways and to join a community of like-minded geeks. The Geek with Style Discord channel in particular is a popular place for readers to chat, share their latest obsessions, ask questions, and make new friends.

Overall, Geek with Style is a leading lifestyle resource for geeks living in or visiting Toronto. Check it out and unleash your inner geek!

The Story Behind Geek With Style

Geek With Style was founded in 2017 by Toronto lifestyle blogger Jenny Wu. As an avid comic book reader and cosplayer, Jenny wanted to create an online community for like-minded geeks in the city.

The Origin Story

After attending her first Fan Expo Canada, Jenny was inspired to start a blog sharing her experiences in Torontoโ€™s geek scene. She began posting reviews of local comic book stores, anime conventions, video game bars, and cosplay events.

Geek With Style quickly gained a following of geeky Torontonians looking to connect with their tribe. Jenny started hosting monthly meetups, giving readers a chance to bond over their shared interests in person. The meetups were a huge success, with attendance growing at each event.

Building the Geek Empire

Propelled by the popularity of the meetups, Jenny expanded Geek With Style to include:

  1. An online forum for discussing the latest movies, TV shows, games, and comics

2. An events calendar promoting geek gatherings across the city

3. A YouTube channel featuring video blogs, hauls, unboxings, and convention coverage

4. A podcast discussing trending topics in geek culture

Four years after launching the blog, Geek With Style has become the go-to source for all things geeky in Toronto. Thanks to Jennyโ€™s passion and vision, geeks of all stripes have a place to call home.

Our Mission: Helping Geeks Express Their Personal Style

The mission of Geek with Style is to help geeks and those passionate about their hobbies develop a unique sense of personal style that incorporates their interests. We aim to provide useful advice and inspiration for expressing your inner geek in an authentic, stylish way.

Our content focuses on:

  • Sharing outfit ideas, styling tips, and product recommendations for geeks. We suggest clothing, accessories, and decor that discreetly or boldly display your fandoms and passions.
  • Profiling stylish geeks and bloggers. We feature interviews with geeks who have cultivated a distinct style esthetic influenced by their interests. We explore their sources of inspiration and tips for developing your own look.
  • Highlighting brands that cater to geeks. We discover and share clothing brands, online stores, and Etsy shops that offer high-quality, fashionable apparel and products featuring subtle to prominent geeky motifs, logos, and designs.
  • Covering geeky events. We provide outfit inspiration and advice for attending conventions, movie premieres, esports tournaments, or any event where you want to show your passion for your hobbies in a stylish way.
  • Discussing how to express yourself through decor. We offer ideas for incorporating your interests into your living space through art, furnishings, lighting fixtures, and various decor accents in an elegant, curated fashion.

Our goal is to encourage geeks to take pride in their passions and embrace their interests as part of their self-expression and personal style. We aim to inspire confidence in authentically representing your inner geek. Overall, Geek with Style celebrates fandom and individuality with a sense of fashion and fun.

Toronto Geek Culture and Events

Toronto has a thriving geek culture with lots of events for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and technology. ###Comic Cons

Two major comic conventions take place annually in Toronto. The Fan Expo attracts over 100,000 attendees each year, with celebrity guests, autograph sessions, photo ops, and the chance to shop for collectibles. The smaller Toronto Comicon focuses on comics, with opportunities to meet acclaimed comic writers and artists.


Toronto is home to several professional esports teams, like Overwatch Leagueโ€™s Toronto Defiant and Call of Duty Leagueโ€™s Ultra. Check their schedules to catch live matches at venues like Roy Thomson Hall or watch parties at bars around the city.

Gaming Cafes

For a fun night out, visit a gaming cafe to play console, PC, and virtual reality games. Some top spots are Meltdown eSports Bar, Tilt Arcade Bar, and The Hive eSports Arena. They offer food, drinks, and high-end gaming equipment and regularly host gaming competitions and events.


The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum both feature exhibits on topics like science fiction, Japanese culture, and new media art that would appeal to geeks. The AGO currently has a Yayoi Kusama infinity room installation that is very popular.


There are many meetups for techies, gamers, sci-fi fans, and more to connect with like-minded geeks. Check sites like for groups covering topics such as virtual reality, cryptocurrency, cosplay, anime, and board games that host socials, speaker events, hackathons, and themed parties.

With its vibrant tech sector and diverse, inclusive culture, Toronto has a lot to offer for geeks. Exploring the many facets of geek culture in the city, from world-class comic cons and esports to innovative museums and social meetups, proves there are endless ways to geek out in style in Toronto.

Geeky Fashion and Accessories

As a geek, your sense of style may differ from mainstream fashion. Embrace your inner nerd with geeky clothing and accessories that showcase your passions.


Geek-themed t-shirts are a simple way to express yourself. Look for shirts featuring your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, comics, or other geeky interests. Sites like ThinkGeek, Redbubble, and TeePublic offer a wide selection. For a DIY option, design your own geeky t-shirt or get iron-on transfers to create custom designs.

Funko Pop! Figures

Funko Pop! vinyl figures have become popular collectibles in geek culture. These stylized figurines depict characters from popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, and more. Display them on your desk at work or shelf at home to show off your fandom. Hunt for rare, exclusive Pop! figures to grow your collection.


Geeky eyewear is a subtle way to express your interests. Look for frames styled like your favorite characters, like Harry Potter or Superman glasses. Blue light-blocking computer glasses featuring gaming or tech designs are functional and fashionable. 3D movie glasses in favorite superhero colors or Tron-inspired styles are kitschy but fun.


A stylish watch is a staple accessory for any fashion-forward geek. Look for digital or analog watches featuring superhero logos, video game controllers, or other geeky motifs. Smartwatches offer notifications from your phone and track fitness stats. Many models have interchangeable straps, so you can get extra straps in your favorite geeky colors or designs.

Loot Crate

Subscription services like Loot Crate are a great option for geeks wanting a regular delivery of geeky gear and apparel. Each month, you’ll receive a crate filled with t-shirts, figures, collectibles, gadgets, and more, all centered around a theme like gaming, movies, TV, or comics. Discovering the surprises inside each crate makes it an exciting monthly ritual for any geeky enthusiast.

Geeky fashion and accessories allow you to showcase your interests in subtle or overt ways. Mix and match different items to create looks that balance your inner geek with your personal style. Expressing yourself through fashion is a fun, creative outlet for any geeky lifestyle.

Gadget and Tech Reviews for Geeks

As a geek, you likely appreciate the latest and greatest tech gadgets and stay on the cutting edge. On Geek with Style, we review some of the hottest new geek-approved tech and gadgets to help you find the perfect products to suit your needs.


The smartphone is the center of a geek’s tech universe. We review the newest smartphones, like the latest models from Samsung, Google, and Apple, to determine which phones excel in performance, display, camera quality, and other features that matter most to geeks. Things like blazing-fast processors, high-resolution displays, and all-day battery life are must-haves for the modern geek smartphone.


For geeks who prefer physical keyboards for coding or gaming, a laptop is essential. We evaluate laptops from makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more based on criteria like:

  • Processor performance for multitasking
  • Discrete graphics cards for gaming
  • Solid state drives for fast boot and load times
  • Battery life for productivity on the go
  • Display quality for streaming media and graphics

Gaming gear

If you’re a gaming geek, we cover the latest gaming PCs, gaming laptops, virtual reality headsets, and accessories. Things like mechanical gaming keyboards, precision gaming mice, and gaming monitors with fast refresh rates and low latency are important for the ultimate gaming experience. We review products from leaders in gaming technology like Alienware, Razer, and Logitech to determine the best of the best for geek gamers.

Streaming devices

For the entertainment geek, we evaluate the popular streaming devices that bring your favorite content to the big screen. Products like the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku are rated on criteria such as:

  • Available streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.)
  • 4K and HDR support for the best picture
  • Voice control features for easy navigation
  • Gaming capabilities for casual streaming
  • Storage for DVR features (on select models)

Whether you’re looking for the latest tech gadgets or recommendations on the perfect geek-approved laptop or smartphone, Geek with Style has you covered with our detailed tech reviews and recommendations? We do the research so you can find the products to unleash your inner geek.

Geeky Home Decor Ideas

As a geek, your home decor says a lot about your interests and passions. Showcase your nerdy side with some of these geeky home decor ideas:

Gaming Decor

For gamers, consider framed vintage game posters, a gaming console shadow box, or decorative pieces made from retired game components. Video game character collectibles, gaming console decor, and gaming-themed signs or wall art are also great options.

Sci-Fi Decor

Science fiction fans can decorate with items like replica props from favorite movies or shows, character statues, spaceship models, or themed signs. Framed sci-fi book covers, movie posters or original comic book art also make striking decor.

Superhero Decor

Comic book fans will love superhero-themed accents like framed comic books or original comic art, decorative tin signs, character statues, movie posters, or props. For a subtle touch, use superhero logos, symbols, or catchphrases on wall decals, pillows, mugs, or t-shirts.

Board Game Decor

For board game aficionados, frame your favorite game boards or pieces and hang them on the wall. Use game components like dice, tokens, meeples, or miniatures as decorative accents on tables or shelves. Game-themed art, pillows, mugs, and t-shirts emblazoned with classic board game logos or catchphrases are also options.

Techy Touches

Incorporate geeky technology into your decor with items like vintage tech gear, a desktop Zen garden, Bluetooth speakers shaped like robots, or tech brand logo decor. Wall art featuring circuit board designs, sci-fi cityscapes, or tech company logos adds stylish techie flair.

Decorating in a way that showcases your geeky interests and passions is a great way to make your living space feel like home. With so many fun options, you can create a space that perfectly reflects your inner geek.

Geeky Recipes and Cocktails

Geeky recipes and cocktails are always a hit at parties or events. As a geek, you likely appreciate clever pop culture references and imaginative takes on classic dishes. Here are some options to try:

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza

To boldly go where no pizza has gone before, top a pre-made or homemade pizza crust with ingredients that pay homage to the Starship Enterprise. Use sausage links in the shape of the Enterprise for “warp nacelles,” sliced mushrooms for impulse engines, diced red and yellow bell peppers for bussard collectors, and olive slices for shuttlecraft. Finish with mozzarella “warp cores” and a sprinkle of parmesan “stardust.”

The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster

This cocktail, inspired by Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” packs a punch. In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 1/2 ounces of gin, 3/4 ounces of triple sec, 3/4 ounces of lemon juice, and 1/4 ounce of simple syrup with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Carefully top with 1 ounce of peach schnapps so it floats on top. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Elvish Lembas Bread

For a taste of Middle-earth, bake Elvish lembas bread. In a bowl, combine 2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Cut in 1/3 cup of butter with a pastry cutter or fork until crumbly. Stir in 2/3 cup of milk and 1 egg. Knead briefly then roll out dough to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut into circles, place on a greased baking sheet, and bake at 400 F for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Brush with a honey glaze for a sweet finish.

Experiment with these geeky recipes and cocktails at your next get-together. Your guests are sure to appreciate these imaginative culinary creations that pay tribute to popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises. Let your geek flag fly and boldly cook what no one has cooked before!

FAQ – Your Questions About Geek With Style Answered

When launching a lifestyle blog, questions from readers are to be expected. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Geek with Style and the answers to help clarify things:

What is the goal or mission of Geek with Style?

The mission of Geek with Style is to highlight and celebrate geek culture in an upbeat, stylish way. The blog aims to showcase how people can express their enthusiasm for topics like sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and technology through their personal style and home decor. It provides inspiration and tips for living creatively while embracing your inner geek.

What topics do you cover on Geek with Style?

Geek with Style features a variety of lifestyle topics for geeks and nerds. Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Geek fashion and clothing options like t-shirts, jewelry, shoes, and accessories featuring nerdy designs and logos.
  • Geek home decor ideas such as video game or movie-themed furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, organizers, and more.
  • Reviews and roundups of geeky subscription boxes, collectibles, gadgets, and other products.
  • Event coverage from geek conventions, festivals, and competitions in the Toronto area.
  • Interviews with people in geek culture like cosplayers, gamers, and creators.
  • And more – the topics covered on Geek with Style are always expanding!

How often is Geek with Style updated?

New blog posts are added to Geek with Style 2-3 times per week. Content is published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In addition to regular blog posts, the site also features a monthly geek event roundup and product reviews which are posted at the beginning of each month.

Can I contribute or guest post on Geek with Style?

Yes, Geek with Style accepts guest posts from members of the geek and blogging community. All guest content must be original, high quality, and aligned with the mission and style of the blog. If you have an idea for a guest post, please contact the editor at [email protected] with details about your proposed topic and content. Guest writers will receive a small honorarium if their post is accepted and published on Geek with Style.


As you’ve discovered, being a geek in Toronto has never been cooler or more stylish. From comic cons to cosplay, and video game bars to virtual reality arcades, there are endless ways to unleash your inner nerd in Canada’s largest city. The next time someone tells you that you can’t be both geeky and fashionable, point them to the abundance of events and venues that prove them wrong. Whether you consider yourself a gamer, an anime enthusiast, a sci-fi fanatic, or just an all-around pop culture junkie, Toronto has a vibrant community and social scene tailored just for you. So game on, binge that box set, and get your cosplay outfit ready – it’s a great time to geek out in the 6ix.

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