What Is Imginn? The New Image-Sharing Social Network

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You may have recently heard about the new image-sharing social network called Imginn that’s poised to disrupt the status quo. Imginn is an innovative platform that allows you to share photos and short videos with friends and followers in an entirely new way. Gone are the days of scrolling through an endless feed of people’s lives you barely know. Imginn’s proprietary algorithms and machine learning models ensure you only see content from your closest friends and family, or from influencers and brands you personally choose to follow. With Imginn, you’re in control of whose adventures, lavish meals, sunsets, and selfies populate your feed. If you’re looking for an alternative to the big names that honor your time and privacy, Imginn may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

What Is Imginn?

Imginn is an innovative new image-sharing social network. Launched in 2020, Imginn allows users to upload, edit, organize, and share photos and short videos with friends and followers.

What Makes Imginn Different

Imginn offers several unique features not found on other platforms:

  1. Enhanced Privacy Controls. Imginn provides granular control over who can view your images. You can restrict visibility to close friends only, friends of friends, or make images public. Imginnโ€™s privacy controls give users more control over their data.
  2. Advanced Editing Tools. Imginnโ€™s editing features are unmatched. Users can apply filters, adjust lighting and color, add text, stickers, and frames, and much more. Imginn makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking images and short clips to share with their networks.

3. Interest-Based Feeds. Imginnโ€™s feeds are tailored to your interests. The more you engage with certain topics, the more similar content will appear in your feeds. This curated experience allows for more relevant discoveries and connections with like-minded users.

  1. Downloadable Content. Any images or videos you upload to Imginn remain your property. You can download your content at any time and for any reason. Your creative works are not locked into the platform.
  2. Cross-Platform Access. Imginn has mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web interface. Your images, edits, comments, likes, and followers will sync across devices, so you can pick up wherever you left off.

Imginn combines powerful tools for creating and sharing visual media with control and flexibility not available on other platforms. If you’re looking for an image-sharing community built around your needs and interests, Imginn is worth exploring.

How Imginn Works: Posting and Sharing Images

To post images on Imginn, the process is straightforward. First, you will need to create an Imginn account which only requires an email address and password.

Once you have an account, you can start uploading images. To upload an image, select the โ€œAdd Imageโ€ button at the top of your Imginn feed. This will prompt you to either drag and drop an image into the upload box or select images from your computer to upload. You can upload JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats.

After uploading, you will be asked to provide a caption or description for your image. This helps other users understand the context and subject of your photo. You can also add relevant hashtags to your image which will make it more discoverable by other users searching those tags.

Your image will now appear in the public Imginn feed where other users can view, like, comment and share your image. When another user likes or comments on your image, you will receive a notification. You can view insights on your images to see impressions, likes, comments, and more.

If you want to delete an image you have uploaded, just select the image in your profile and click โ€œDeleteโ€. Your image and any likes, comments or shares associated with it will be permanently removed from Imginn.

Imginn allows you to create photo albums to organize your images. You can also follow other users and be notified when they upload new images. The platform provides an easy way to share your snapshots and connect with others through visual media. Overall, Imginn aims to provide an intuitive photo-sharing experience for casual and professional photographers alike.

Building Your Profile and Gaining Followers


To build your Imginn profile and gain followers, there are several key steps you should take:

Add a Profile Photo

Select a high-quality, well-lit photo of just yourself. Make sure your face is clearly visible and you have a friendly smile. Your profile photo is the first thing people will see, so choose wisely.

Write an Engaging Bio

In 3 sentences or less, describe who you are and what youโ€™re passionate about. Mention some of your hobbies and interests to give followers a sense of your personality. Keep your bio upbeat and authentic.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help people discover your content by topic. Include up to 5 hashtags per photo that are relevant to your interests and hobbies. Popular hashtags like #photooftheday are very competitive, so also use more niche hashtags. Check to see which hashtags are trending on Imginn for inspiration.

Post High-Quality Content Regularly

Aim to post at least 1 new photo per day to stay active in the community. Photos should be eye-catching, well-composed, and showcase your unique point of view. Post a variety including selfies, lifestyle shots, hobbies, travel photos, etc. Engage with your followers by replying to their comments.

Follow Others With Similar Interests

Search for people, brands, and hashtags related to your hobbies and interests. Follow their profiles and engage with their posts by commenting and liking them. Many will follow you back, and youโ€™ll gain new followers from people who see you interacting with similar accounts.

Cross-Promote on Other Social Media

If you have profiles on other networks like Facebook or Twitter, post about your Imginn account there. For example, share some of your favorite photos from Imginn or announce when youโ€™ve posted new content. This exposes your Imginn profile to new potential followers from your existing social circles.

By diligently building your profile, posting high-quality and consistent content, engaging with your followers, and cross-promoting on other social media, you’ll gain new followers on Imginn in no time. The key is to stay active in the community by sharing what you’re passionate about with authenticity and positivity.

Image Sharing

The core feature of Imginn is sharing images. Users can upload images from their devices or link to images on other platforms. Photos are displayed in a Pinterest-style grid layout. Users can like and comment on images, as well as follow other users and see their uploads in their feeds.


To help categorize images and make them more discoverable, Imginn utilizes hashtags. Users can add multiple hashtags to each image, and then images with the same hashtags will appear together. Exploring popular hashtags is an easy way to find new accounts to follow based on your interests.


Like other social networks, Imginn includes a โ€œStoriesโ€ feature where users can share short videos and images that disappear after 24 hours. Stories are a casual way for users to share quick updates, behind-the-scenes footage, or other short-term content. Viewers can like and comment on Stories, and story viewership metrics help users gauge engagement.


Imginn frequently runs creative challenges, contests, and collaborations to increase engagement. For example, there may be landscape photography challenges, food photography contests, or other niche-based collaborations. Winners of challenges get promoted on the platform and often receive prizes. Participating in challenges is an opportunity for users to improve their skills, gain new followers and win rewards.

Profile Pages

Each user has a profile page displaying their username, profile image, bio, website, and social links. The profile page shows a grid of all images the user has uploaded, as well as their follower and following counts. Profile pages allow users to get a sense of the style and interests of others, and are an important part of building a cohesive brand on the platform.

In summary, the popular features on Imginn like image sharing, hashtags, stories, challenges, and profile pages provide users with diverse opportunities for sharing visual content, connecting with others, improving their skills, and gaining visibility. Leveraging these features strategically and consistently can help users build an impactful presence on Imginn.

Tips for Taking Great Photos to Share on Imginn

To get the most out of Imginn, the key is sharing high-quality, engaging photos. Here are some tips to help you take photos worth sharing on the platform:

Choose an interesting subject

Select a subject that will capture people’s attention and spur interaction. Abstract concepts, colorful details, or clever juxtapositions can all make for striking images. Think outside the box for subjects that will resonate most with your followers and generate lots of likes and comments.

Use natural lighting when possible

Natural light is the most flattering for portraits and still lifes. Shoot near a window to utilize soft, diffused light. If using overhead lighting or flash, diffuse the light to avoid harsh shadows. For the most natural look, turn off the flash and avoid using overhead lights.

Frame your shot carefully

Pay attention to composition to make your photos as visually compelling as possible. Use the “rule of thirds” – divide your frame into thirds and place key elements at the intersection of those lines. Shoot from interesting angles, not just head-on. Leave some space in front of moving subjects. Get close to filling the whole frame with your subject for an intimate feel.

Edit and filter your photos

Even professional photographers edit their photos. Use a free app like VSCO or Afterlight to quickly improve your shots. Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation. You can also apply filters to instantly transform the mood and style. But donโ€™t go overboard with edits or filters. Photos should still look natural.

Share photos in a timely manner

Post your photos as soon as possible after taking them for the best chance of engagement on Imginn. Tag any products, locations, or other relevant details. Use popular hashtags to help more people discover your images. Engage with your followers by liking and commenting on their photos as well. Stay active in the community to gain more exposure.

With practice, you’ll be taking photos worthy of double taps and programs in no time. Pour your creativity into capturing and sharing moments that spark emotion. Your keen eye for photography and social savvy will make you an influencer on Imginn before you know it!

Using Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Once youโ€™ve set up your Imginn account and started posting images, itโ€™s time to increase engagement from other users. One of the best ways to do this is by using hashtags. Hashtags allow people to find your images by topic or theme.

Choosing Relevant Hashtags

Search for popular hashtags related to your image subject or theme. For example, if you post a landscape photo, use hashtags like #landscapephotography, #naturephoto, or #sunsetpics. Check how often these tags are used by searching for them on Imginn. More popular tags will yield more engagement, but very high-volume tags may mean your image gets lost in the shuffle. A good rule of thumb is to use 3 to 5 hashtags with a mix of very popular and medium popularity.

Be Specific

Use hashtags that describe your image specifically, not just generally. For example, instead of just #flower, use #orchid or #daffodil if you know the flower type. The more specific the hashtag, the more engaged the audience. People searching that hashtag are likely interested in exactly what you posted.

Use a Variety

For the best results, use a variety of hashtags in your posts, not just the same ones repeatedly. Mix up your selections based on the specific themes, colors, locations, and other details in each image. Repeating the exact same hashtags in all your posts will not increase new engagement and discovery. New hashtags introduce your posts to new audiences and potential new followers.

Check Your Postsโ€™ Performance

Check on your posts a few days after publishing to see which hashtags generated the most engagement. Make note of those successful hashtags and be sure to reuse them in future relevant posts. Also, look for any hashtags that didnโ€™t seem to work well and avoid them for your next post. Keep tweaking and improving your hashtag strategy over time based on actual performance data.

With regular use of relevant, specific, and varied hashtags, you’ll start to build more likes, comments, and new followers on Imginn in no time. Engagement is key to success on this platform, so put in the effort to connect with your audience through strategic hashtagging.

Collaborating With Other Users

Collaborating with other users on Imginn opens up new opportunities for community engagement and spreading your content to a wider audience. By connecting with like-minded users, you can cross-promote to each otherโ€™s followers, gain inspiration, and work together on new creative projects.

Find and Follow Other Users

To start collaborating, search for users posting about topics of interest to you. Check out their profiles and content to find other users with similar styles, subjects, or audiences. Follow users you connect with to see their latest uploads in your feed and stay up to date on their work. They may follow you back, exposing their followers to your profile and photos.

Engage by Liking and Commenting

An easy way to begin collaborating with other users is by engaging with their content. Leave genuine comments on their photos complimenting their work or asking questions to start a conversation. Like their posts to show your support for the types of photos they share. Your interactions may prompt them to check out your profile and photos in return. Over time, as you build familiarity, you can explore more substantial collaborations.

Cross-Promote Each Otherโ€™s Accounts

Once youโ€™ve established a connection with other users through following, liking, and commenting, consider cross-promoting to each otherโ€™s audiences. Share some of their photos on your profile and tag their account to increase their exposure, and ask if theyโ€™d be willing to do the same. Cross-promotion is an effective way to expand each otherโ€™s reach and gain new followers with similar interests. Be sure to only promote high-quality content from users you genuinely connect with.

Team Up for Collaborations

For an even deeper level of collaboration, team up with another user to work on a photo project together. This could include planning and executing a creative photoshoot, curating collections of photos on a shared theme, or promoting a photo contest or challenge to your combined audiences. Launching a collaboration campaign together is a great way to blend your creative visions and leverage each otherโ€™s communities for greater impact.

With an open, engaging approach, you can build valuable connections and alliances with other users on Imginn. Putting in the effort to cross-promote, co-create, and team up for photo collaborations allows you both to reach new audiences and push the boundaries of your creative work. Community is at the heart of Imginn, so take the opportunity to become an active part of it.

Staying Safe on imginn


To stay safe while using Imginn, itโ€™s important to be cautious about what personal information you share and be on alert for suspicious activity.

Be wary of what you post

Keep in mind that any photos or videos you upload to Imginn become public. Avoid posting sensitive information that could put you at risk if seen by the wrong people. Itโ€™s also a good idea to avoid geotagging your location to photos and videos, as this can allow others to see exactly where you were at the time of posting.

Use a strong password

Choose a complex password that contains a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols to help prevent hacking. Using the same password for Imginn that you use for other accounts could compromise your security. Be sure to change your password every few months as an extra precaution.

Watch out for phishing attempts

Phishing is when scammers try to trick you into providing personal information or downloading malware by sending fraudulent messages or links. On Imginn, phishing attempts may come in the form of direct messages, comments, or posts. Never click links, download attachments, or provide sensitive data to unverified or suspicious accounts.

Report inappropriate content and abuse

If you see abusive, offensive, or concerning content on Imginn such as harassment, hate speech, violence, or illegal activities, report it immediately. You can report posts, comments, users, or any other content that violates Imginnโ€™s community standards. Reporting inappropriate content helps keep the platform safe for all users.

Consider using two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds an extra layer of security to your Imginn account. When 2FA is enabled, you need not only your password to log in but also a security code sent to your phone via text message or an authentication app. Using 2FA makes it much harder for hackers and scammers to access your account, even if they obtain your password. Itโ€™s one of the best ways to keep your Imginn profile secure.

imginn FAQs: Common Questions About the New Photo Sharing App

Imginn is the new image-sharing social network that allows users to upload, share, and organize their photos. Here are some frequently asked questions about Imginn to help you get started.

What is imginn?

Imginn is an online platform for uploading, organizing, and sharing your photos. Think of it as a more visual alternative to mainstream social networks. On Imginn, photos are the main focus rather than status updates or life events.

How does imginn work?

  1. Sign up for a free Imginn account or log in with your existing social media accounts like Facebook or Google.
  2. Upload photos from your computer or mobile device. Imginn offers unlimited storage for high-resolution images.
  3. Organize your photos into albums or galleries and add captions, locations, and tags to make them more searchable.
  4. Follow other users and view photos they have chosen to share publicly. Like and comment on photos from people you follow to engage with the community.
  5. Share photos from your Imginn account to other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase views and followers.

Is imginn safe for children?

Imginn has strict policies against sharing inappropriate content, but parents should still monitor their child’s accounts and set appropriate privacy controls. Imginn is intended for users ages 13 and up.

How do I report inappropriate content?

If you see photos that violate Imginn’s content policies, you can report them directly by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the photo and selecting “Report”. Imginn’s moderation team will review the reported photos and take appropriate action.

What are some tips for using imginn?

  • Post high-quality, visually engaging photos.
  • Use relevant hashtags to make your photos more discoverable.
  • Follow accounts with similar interests and engage with their content by liking and commenting.
  • Be active in the community by posting regularly and engaging with other users.
  • Set your profile to public or private depending on your intended audience. Public profiles get more exposure but private profiles offer more control.


As you’ve learned, Imginn is an exciting new image-sharing social network that allows you to connect with others through visual storytelling. By using the power of images to share moments, experiences, creativity, and inspiration, Imginn facilitates human connection in an authentic way. The platform makes it easy to discover and follow people with similar interests and esthetics. By curating your feed with images from people and topics you genuinely care about, you can spark new ideas and stay on the cutting edge of culture. While still new, Imginn shows a lot of promise for changing the way we share and connect online. Give it a try – you might just find your new creative outlet and community. The next viral meme or cultural moment could start with you.

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