Everything You Need to Know About Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set

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As an adventurer seeking to bolster your defenses in combat, you would do well to consider the Jacin’s Ruse armor set. This formidable suit of armor provides substantial protection and various useful effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. From its sturdy helm to its plated greaves, the Jacin’s Ruse set offers comprehensive coverage and a striking appearance that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

While the set requires diligent effort to obtain, the rewards of wearing Jacin’s Ruse are well worth the challenges. Each piece provides significant boosts to your armor rating as well as useful enchantments tailored for different types of encounters. With the full set equipped, your defenses will reach new heights and you will gain access to powerful set bonuses that provide further combat advantages.

For those seeking to strengthen their armor in order to face greater challenges, Jacin’s Ruse represents one of the most formidable sets available. Though difficult to come by, its rewards are unmatched. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about obtaining and making the most of the Jacin’s Ruse armor set in your adventures.

Introducing Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set

Acquiring the Set

To obtain the Jacin’s Ruse armor set, you must complete specific quests and tasks. First, reach level 60 and gain access to the Temple of Aziris raid. Defeat the final boss, High Priest Jacin, who will drop the Chestplate of Deception upon death.

  • Chestplate of Deception: The chest piece provides +20 Strength and +30 Stamina.

Next, travel to the Burnt Ridge in Vulkrun and speak to Quartermaster Lorik. He will offer three quests to retrieve:

  1. Helm of Guile: Recover the helm from General Grath in the Chamber of Command. The helm gives +15 Strength and +25 Stamina.
  2. Gauntlets of Cunning: Wrest the gauntlets from the clutches of High Advisor Meci in the Athenaeum of Aziris. These gauntlets provide +10 Strength and +15 Agility.
  3. Greaves of Wiles: Take the Greaves from Magus Keeza in the Arcane Tower. The greaves grant +10 Strength and +20 Stamina.

Upon completing these quests, return to Quartermaster Lorik to receive your rewards – the remaining pieces of the Jacin’s Ruse set. Equipping two or more pieces of this armor set will grant the Cunning Ruse buff, increasing your Critical Strike chance by 5% per additional item.

With the entire five-piece set, you gain +55 Strength, +85 Stamina, and +15 Agility, as well as a 25% increase to your Critical Strike chance from the Cunning Ruse buff. This armor set is ideal for players focused on high burst damage output.

Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set Stats and Bonuses

To fully understand the power and potential of Jacin’s Ruse armor set, you must first comprehend its statistics and bonuses.

Defense Rating and Protection

The Jacin’s Ruse armor set provides a defense rating of 87, offering substantial protection against physical damage and elemental effects. It is comprised of the following pieces:

  • Jacin’s Ruse Helm: Provides 24 defense and +10 fire resistance
  • Jacin’s Ruse Cuirass: Provides 31 defense and +15 lightning resistance
  • Jacin’s Ruse Gauntlets: Provides 16 defense and +5 ice resistance
  • Jacin’s Ruse Greaves: Provides 16 defense and +10 nature resistance

When equipped together, the full set grants an additional +6 defense bonus. The wide range of resistances, especially to elemental damage, makes this a versatile set suitable for most combat situations.

Set Bonus: Celerity

The power of the Jacin’s Ruse set is truly unleashed when all four pieces are worn together, activating the Celerity set bonus. This provides a permanent 15% increase to your attack speed and movement speed, allowing you to strike faster and evade enemies more nimbly. The boost to attack speed also means a 15% increase in your damage per second (DPS), a substantial upgrade for any character.

In summary, Jacin’s Ruse armor set provides steel detailing jeemon vg a sturdy defense, broad protection from elemental effects, and a valuable set bonus that improves both offense and mobility. For any player focused on swift combat with minimal downtime, this armor is ideal. With its balanced attributes and useful bonuses, the Jacin’s Ruse set is versatile enough to benefit all classes and playing styles.

How to Get the Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set

To acquire the Jacin’s Ruse armor set, you must complete a series of quests and tasks. By following the steps below, you can unlock each piece of this legendary armor:

Complete the “Wild Child” Quest

The first step to obtaining this armor set is completing the “Wild Child” quest in the Verdant Forest region. This quest tasks you with helping a young boy named Jacin become less reckless and temperamental. After finishing the quest, Jacin will gift you the Jacin’s Ruse Hood as a reward for your guidance and wisdom.

Defeat the Three Elders

The three Elders of Verdant Forest each guard one piece of Jacin’s Ruse armor set. You must track down and defeat each Elder in combat to claim their armor piece. The locations of the Elders are:

  • Elder Ignis: Located in the Charred Clearing. Drops the Jacin’s Ruse Robes upon defeat.
  • Elder Ventus: Located atop Tempest Peak. Drops the Jacin’s Ruse Gloves upon defeat.
  • Elder Terra: Located in the Stone Circle. Drops the Jacin’s Ruse Boots upon defeat.

Complete the Final Challenge

After defeating the Three Elders, return to Jacin to receive the final quest, “A Final Challenge.” This culminates in a test of the skills and wisdom you have gained. Complete the challenge to receive the legendary Jacin’s Ruse Leggings from Jacin.

With the full set equipped, you gain access to the powerful “Wild Soul” ability. This ability harnesses the power of nature to buff your damage and defense. The Jacin’s Ruse set will serve you well for challenging any foe that stands in your path. Through patience and determination, this legendary armor set can be yours to command.

Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set Locations

To obtain the Jacin’s Ruse armor set, you must explore several locations across the game world. This lightweight armor provides bonuses to stealth, critical hit chance, and movement speed, making it ideal for rogues and rangers.

The Ruins of Old Azantor

The chest piece for this set, the Jacin’s Ruse Tunic, can be found within the Ruins of Old Azantor. This abandoned fortress in the Whispering Woods has become overrun with bandits and wildlife. Fight or sneak your way through the ruins, avoiding traps along the narrow corridors, until you reach the upper levels. There, in a locked chest in the barracks, you will discover the tunic. The key to this chest is held by the bandit captain, who can typically be found overseeing operations on the ramparts.

The Caverns Beneath Blackstone Keep

The Caverns Beneath Blackstone Keep contain the bracers for this armor set. This expansive cave network winds deep under the abandoned keep above. Navigate the twisting passages, defeating spiders and other vermin, until you reach a large underground lake. There, on a small rocky island in the center, sits a chest holding the Jacin’s Ruse Bracers. You must swim or find a boat to reach this chest.

The Ancient Temple of Xacarba

The final pieces of this set, the boots, and leggings, are located within the Ancient Temple of Xacarba found in the Jungles of Zamora. This crumbling temple is filled with traps, puzzles, and guardians protecting its secrets. Fight through the challenges within to reach the inner sanctum. There, upon the altar, you will find a chest containing Jacin’s Ruse Boots and Jacin’s Ruse Leggings, completing this stealthy armor set.

With the full Jacin’s Ruse armor set equipped, your character will gain significant bonuses to stealth, critical strikes, movement speed, and other rogue skills, allowing you to become a shadowy force of nature. The locations to find this set will test your abilities, but the rewards are well worth the effort for any stealth-based character.

Best Weapons to Pair With Jacin’s Ruse

Jacin’s Ruse armor set provides bonuses for swords, daggers, and bows. To maximize the benefits of the armor set, pair it with weapons that complement these bonuses. The following are recommended weapons to use with Jacen’s Ruse:

One-Handed Sword

A one-handed sword like the Steel Sword or Elven Sword is an excellent pair for Jacin’s Ruse. The armor set provides bonuses to one-handed sword damage, critical hit chance, and attack speed. A one-handed sword takes full advantage of these bonuses and is a balanced weapon suitable for most combat situations.


For stealthy characters, daggers synergize well with Jacin’s Ruse. The armor set increases dagger damage and critical hit chance. Daggers like the Iron Dagger or Dwarven Dagger deal high damage for their speed and weight, and the armor set further improves their effectiveness. The increased attack speed also allows you to perform more sneak attacks with a dagger.


For ranged combat, a bow pairs nicely with Jacin’s Ruse. The armor set provides a bonus to bow damage that improves the effectiveness of all bows. Both shortbows like the Hunting Bow and longbows like the Dwarven Bow receive a damage increase from the armor set. The bow damage bonus also applies to bow sneak attacks, making Jacin’s Ruse useful for archer assassin builds.

In summary, melee weapons like one-handed swords and daggers as well as ranged bows are the ideal pairs for Jacin’s Ruse armor set. They take full advantage of the damage, critical hit chance, attack speed, and other bonuses provided by the armor set. By equipping weapons that synergize with the strengths of Jacin’s Ruse, you can optimize your effectiveness in combat.

Jacin’s Ruse for Different Builds and Playstyles

Jacinโ€™s Ruse armor set provides benefits for various builds and playstyles in the game. The lightweight yet durable armor offers good protection for its class, and the effects provide useful boosts for different character types.

For Melee Damage Dealers

The two-piece bonus increases critical hit chance, which pairs well with the Precision passive skill and critical-focused weapon traits. The four-piece bonus causes your light and heavy attacks to deal additional damage after dodging, allowing you to quickly unleash a barrage of powerful strikes on your target. This synergizes particularly well with dual-wield builds using daggers or swords.

For Stamina Recovery

The three-piece bonus reduces the cost of dodge rolling, sprint, and bash, making it ideal for builds focused on high mobility and stamina management. When combined with the Medium Armor Focus and Wind Walker passive skills, as well as stamina recovery glyphs and enchantments, you can achieve near-limitless stamina and move at lightning speed both in and out of combat. This provides a strong advantage for bow builds, especially when facing melee opponents.

For Sneak Attackers

The five-piece bonus causes your light and heavy sneak attacks to deal additional damage, synergizing perfectly with Nightblade and Khajiit characters specialized in sneak. When paired with stealth-enhancing skills, glyphs, and gear, you can dispatch enemies from the shadows before they even know you’re there. The bonus damage scales nicely for those maximizing their critical hit chance and critical damage modifiers.

In summary, Jacinโ€™s Ruse provides stat bonuses and extra damage that work well for melee damage dealers, high mobility builds, and stealthy assassins. By maximizing the potential of the full five-piece set bonus and combining it with complementary skills and gear, this light armor set can greatly enhance your effectiveness in combat scenarios. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best with your character’s build and playstyle.

Customizing the Look of Jacin’s Ruse

To customize the look of Jacin’s Ruse armor set to your liking, there are several options available to you.


One of the simplest ways to alter the appearance of Jacin’s Ruse is through the use of dyes. Nearly all parts of the armor set can be dyed, including:

  • The chest piece
  • Gauntlets
  • Greaves
  • Pauldrons
  • Helmet

Dyes allow you to change the primary and secondary colors of each armor piece. Want to make the chest piece emerald green with gold accents? Apply a forest green dye for the primary color and a metallic gold dye for the secondary color. The options are nearly endless. Dyes can be purchased from dye vendors found in most major cities.


If dyes do not provide enough customization for your tastes, you can utilize transmogrification to completely change the appearance of Jacin’s Ruse to another armor set that you prefer. As long as your character has obtained and can equip the desired armor set, you can transmog Jacin’s Ruse to match its look. For example, if you prefer the esthetic of the Lion’s Heart plate set, you can transmog Jacin’s Ruse to take on its appearance while still retaining Jacin’s Ruse’s stats.

Transmogrification offers the maximum amount of flexibility in customizing your character’s look but does require obtaining other complete armor sets, which can take a substantial time investment. Transmogrification services are available from transmogrifiers located near most armor and weapon vendors.


Finally, you can further customize the look of Jacin’s Ruse through the application of enchants. Weapon enchants can alter the visual effect displayed when your weapon is unsheathed, such as causing it to glow red or emit sparks. Armor enchants are rarer but can produce visual effects like wisps of light or a shimmering aura around your character. Enchants provide minor cosmetic customization and the visual effects are temporary, lasting a limited time before needing to be reapplied. Enchanting services are offered by enchanters, who can be found in most capital cities and smaller settlements.

In summary, dyes, transmogrification, and enchants offer a variety of methods to tailor the appearance of Jacin’s Ruse armor set to match your personal tastes and style. With some time and coin, you can fully customize your character’s look while retaining the excellent stats provided by Jacin’s Ruse.

Comparing Jacin’s Ruse to Other Armor Sets

Comparing Jacinโ€™s Ruse to Other Armor Sets


Jacinโ€™s Ruse armor set provides high Physical Defense and Magic Defense, with additional boosts to Attack and Magic Attack. This makes it a balanced armor choice suitable for most combat situations. Its stats are comparable to the Abyss Dancer set, which also provides balanced defenses and offense, though Abyss Dancer has slightly higher Magic Defense.

Set Bonus

The 2-piece set bonus for Jacinโ€™s Ruse increases Attack by 15% and Magic Attack by 15%. This can provide a significant damage boost, especially when paired with a high-Attack or high-Magic Attack weapon. The 4-piece set bonus further increases Attack and Magic Attack by 10% each when HP is above 50%. Compared to other sets like the Abyss Dancer, which increases Attack by 10% at 2 pieces and 20% at 4 pieces, Jacinโ€™s Ruse offers a larger damage bonus, at the cost of being active only when HP is high.

Farming Locations

Jacinโ€™s Ruse armor drops from bosses in the Corrupted Forest, Abandoned Mines, and Fallen Cathedral dungeons. These locations are most suitable for player levels 55-65. In contrast, Abyss Dancer drops in the Demon Realm dungeons, suitable for levels 65-75, so Jacinโ€™s Ruse may be more accessible for mid-level players. Other comparable sets like Divine Beast also drop from higher-level areas.

Upgrade Materials

To upgrade Jacinโ€™s Ruse from +0 to +20, you will need a total of:

  • 520 Corrupted Logs (dropped in Corrupted Forest)
  • 36 Molten Cores (crafted at the Furnace using drops from Abandoned Mines bosses)
  • 12 Shadow Crystals (rare drops from Fallen Cathedral bosses)

The materials required are consistent with the level and rarity of this set. Upgrading another set like Abyss Dancer to the same level would require higher-grade materials from more difficult areas.

In summary, Jacinโ€™s Ruse is a balanced armor set suitable for most combat at the mid-game, which provides solid stats and damage bonuses, though limited by being active only at high HP. It may be more accessible to obtain and upgrade compared to end-game sets, making it a good choice for players progressing into more difficult content.

FAQ About Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set

The Jacin’s Ruse armor set in [Game Name] provides many benefits for players looking to maximize damage output and survivability. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind to fully utilize this armor set.

Stats and Bonuses

The Jacin’s Ruse set provides the following stats and bonuses:

  • +200 Attack Power
  • +150 Critical Hit Chance
  • 10% cooldown reduction on all skills
  • 5% damage increase against humanoid enemies

These stats emphasize increasing your damage through critical hits and skill usage. The cooldown reduction in particular allows you to use your most powerful skills more frequently.

  • Damage: Focus on critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and attack power. Skills that cause damage over time or area of effect damage pair well with the cooldown reduction.
  • Survivability: In addition to damage stats, prioritize health, armor, and resistances. The humanoid damage bonus applies to many enemies, so extra survivability helps against them.
  • Hybrid: Aim for a balance of damage and survivability. Capping critical hit chance around 60-70% allows focusing the remaining stats on health and resistances.

Using the Set Bonus

The set bonus, gained by wearing 3 or more pieces of the Jacin’s Ruse set, increases skill damage by 15% for 10 seconds after dodging an attack. To maximize this bonus:

  • Equip skills with short cooldowns to dodge frequently.
  • Dodge toward enemies to close distance and use skills, then dodge away. Repeat.
  • The bonus applies to all skills, so use a mix of damage, buffs, and debuffs.
  • Consider pairing this set with skills or items that increase dodge chance.


  • Do the stats stack if I equip more than 3 pieces? No, the set bonus is the same whether you equip 3 pieces or the full 5-piece set.
  • Does the set bonus apply to weapon skills? Yes, the set bonus applies to all skills, including those granted by your equipped weapon.
  • Can I dye the armor pieces? Yes, the Jacin’s Ruse armor pieces can be dyed to match your character’s colors or style.

By understanding the stats, bonuses, and effective ways to utilize the Jacin’s Ruse set, you can dominate enemies and maximize your effectiveness as a damage dealer in [Game Name]. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Jacin’s ruse armor set. While this exotic set may be difficult to obtain, the rewards of wearing such a powerful and stylish set of gear are well worth the effort. With the right combinations of mods and perks, this set can make you a formidable force to be reckoned with. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get your hands on this set and experience the thrill of overpowering your enemies in both PvP and PvE. Now get out there, guardian, and show the system what you’re made of. The path to obtaining Jacin’s ruse may not be easy, but glory awaits those who persevere.

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