Louis Partridge Girlfriend: Is the โ€˜Enola Holmesโ€™ Star Dating Anyone?

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As an up and coming star of the Netflix film Enola Holmes, you have likely gained louis partridge gf many new fans recently who are interested in learning more about you. Your charming portrayal of Tewkesbury in the Sherlock Holmes spin-off has viewers curious to know if you are dating anyone currently or if you are single and focused on your budding career. At only 18 years old, your talent and charisma have propelled you into the spotlight, though details about your personal life remain private for now.

While your social media profiles offer glimpses into your interests and daily life, many are eager to find out if there is a special someone by your side to share in your success. For those wanting to know if the breakout star Louis Partridge has a girlfriend, read on to learn more about this young actorโ€™s relationship status and what he has said so far about dating in the public eye.

Who Is Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge is a British actor known for playing the role of Tewkesbury in the Netflix film Enola Holmes. Partridge began his acting career at a young age, first appearing on screen at 12 years old. In recent years, the now 18-year-old actor has taken on more prominent roles, gaining recognition for his performances in both film and television.

Early Life and Career

Partridge was born in Sidcup, London. He began acting as a child, first appearing in the TV series Primeval in 2011 at the age of 12. He went on to land minor roles in shows like Doc Martin and films such as About Time.

Breakthrough Role

In 2020, Partridge received widespread attention for playing Viscount Tewkesbury in the Netflix film Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown. His performance as the charming young aristocrat earned him positive reviews and introduced him to a much larger audience. The film was a major commercial and critical success, with Partridgeโ€™s role being cited as a standout.

Current Projects

Following the success of Enola Holmes, Partridgeโ€™s acting career continues to gain momentum. He is set to reprise his role as Tewkesbury in an Enola Holmes sequel. He also stars as Piero de’ Medici in the popular TV series Medici, which aired its final season in 2020. At only 18, Partridgeโ€™s future in film and television looks extremely promising. With his breakout performance in Enola Holmes, this up and coming actor has shown the ability to take on more complex, compelling roles and bring a natural charisma to the screen.

Louis Partridge’s Rise to Fame in Enola Holmes

Louis Partridge captivated audiences with his charming portrayal of Viscount Tewksbury in the Netflix film Enola Holmes. His breakout performance in the mystery film opposite Millie Bobby Brown launched him into stardom and earned him critical acclaim at only 18 years of age.

Early Life and Career

Partridge was born on June 3, 2003 in London, England. He began his acting career at age 12, appearing in short films and TV series like Medici: Masters of Florence and Pili. His big break came when he landed the role of Viscount Tewksbury in Enola Holmes.

Rise to Fame in Enola Holmes

In Enola Holmes, Partridge stars as Viscount Tewksbury, a young nobleman who helps the title character, Enola Holmes, in her search for her missing mother. His endearing and witty performance garnered positive reviews, with critics praising his โ€œnatural charismaโ€ and chemistry with co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

Following the success of Enola Holmes, Partridgeโ€™s star is on the rise. He has been cast in several upcoming projects, including the films Silent Night and The Lost Girls. Fans are eager to see more of the talented young actor. At only 18, Partridgeโ€™s future in film and television looks extremely promising. His memorable turn as Viscount Tewksbury showcased a range and screen presence that will no doubt lead to bigger opportunities and acclaim.

Overall, Louis Partridge’s captivating performance in Enola Holmes demonstrated his considerable talent and charisma at a young age. His star turn in the Netflix film marks the beginning of what is sure to be a successful career for the English actor.

What We Know About Louis Partridge’s Relationship Status

louis partridge gf

As an up-and-coming actor, Louis Partridgeโ€™s relationship status is a mystery to many of his fans. While the โ€˜Enola Holmesโ€™ star tends to keep details about his personal life private, here is what we know so far about whether Louis Partridge is dating anyone.

No Public Girlfriend

At this point in time, Louis Partridge has not gone public with a girlfriend or romantic partner. The actor has not shared news of a relationship on social media or in interviews. His dating life appears to remain private for now as he focuses on his budding career. However, this does not necessarily mean Louis Partridge is single or unattached. He may simply prefer to avoid the spotlight on his personal relationships.

Possible Past Relationship

Some fans speculate Louis Partridge may have previously dated Millie Bobby Brown, his co-star in โ€˜Enola Holmes.โ€™ The actors showed great chemistry on-screen and seemed close off-screen as well, leading to rumors of a romance. However, neither Louis Partridge nor Millie Bobby Brown have confirmed they ever dated. Their relationship seems to be strictly platonic and professional.

Opportunity for Romance

As an up-and-coming young actor, Louis Partridge has ample opportunity to find romance. He continues to star in major films and television shows, working alongside talented co-stars and meeting new people. However, his busy schedule and demanding career may make dating difficult. For now, Louis Partridge appears focused on acting, though he could become romantically involved when the time is right and with a partner who understands the constraints of his profession.

Unless and until Louis Partridge chooses to share news of a relationship, his dating status will remain a mystery. Fans continue to speculate, but the actor values his privacy and prefers to keep the details of his personal life largely out of the public eye. For the time being, Louis Partridge seems solely focused on his acting work, but the possibilities for romance await.

Does Louis Partridge Have a Girlfriend?

While Louis Partridge has not explicitly confirmed whether or not he currently has a girlfriend, the English actor is likely focused on his blossoming career at this point in time. As an up-and-coming star, Partridgeโ€™s demanding work schedule and frequent travel for filming and press tours would make maintaining a serious relationship challenging. However, some fans speculate the 19-year-old may be dating his Enola Holmes co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown, who is best known for her role as Eleven in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, formed a close bond with Partridge on the set of Enola Holmes. The two young actors were often spotted chatting and laughing together in between takes. They also attended several press events side by side to promote the release of the mystery film in September 2020. Some media outlets and fans pointed to their obvious chemistry and flirtatious interactions as evidence the co-stars could be romantically involved behind the scenes.

Enola Holmes promotional

While a relationship with Brown is possible, there are a few reasons to be skeptical. For one, Partridge and Brown have not been photographed together or interacted on social media since Enola Holmes promotional duties ended last fall. If they were truly dating, one would expect to see more signs of an ongoing connection. Itโ€™s also common for co-stars to develop a platonic intimacy during filming that fades once a project wraps. The intensity of working long hours together on set can create a false sense of closeness that does not always translate to a real-world romantic partnership.

At this point, Partridge appears focused on career opportunities rather than pursuing a public relationship. As an up and coming actor, his priority is likely establishing himself in the entertainment industry. While fans may hope to see him settle down with a girlfriend in the coming years, Partridge seems content building his acting resume and experiencing life as a newly independent young adult. Unless and until Partridge confirms he has begun dating someone special, his relationship status will remain unknown. For now, his heart seems to belong to his craft.

Romance Rumors Between Louis Partridge and His Co-Stars

louis partridge gf

As an up-and-coming actor, Louis Partridgeโ€™s dating life is of interest to many fans. However, the young star appears focused on his budding career at the moment. While Partridge has denied current romantic connections, some speculate potential relationships with his co-stars.

Millie Bobby Brown

Partridge starred alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes. Given their louis partridge gf on-screen chemistry and close ages, rumors emerged of a possible off-screen romance. However, representatives for both actors have refuted claims of a relationship beyond friendship. At this point, there is no evidence Partridge and Brown are dating.

Helena Bonham Carter

Partridge has described his Enola Holmes co-star Helena Bonham Carter as a mentor, leading to speculation their bond went beyond professional. However, Carter is more than 30 years Partridgeโ€™s senior, making a romantic relationship unlikely and inappropriate. Both Partridge and Carter have denied anything beyond a close working relationship and friendship.

Emma Mackey

Some fans have noted Partridge bears a resemblance to Emma Mackeyโ€™s Sex Education co-star Asa Butterfield, leading to theories Partridge and Mackey may be dating. However, Partridge and Mackey have not starred in any projects together and there is no evidence they have even met. At this point, a relationship between the two seems improbable.

In summary, while Partridgeโ€™s fans are eager to see the actor find love, he appears focused on his career at the present moment. Until Partridge confirms a relationship himself, rumors of romance with his co-stars seem to be just that – rumors. Partridge seems content keeping details of his personal life private as he navigates the spotlight and pursues his acting work.

What Louis Partridge Has Said About Dating and Relationships

When it comes to his romantic life, Louis Partridge prefers to keep things private. However, in a few interviews, the young actor has provided some insight into his views on relationships and dating.

Partridge Values Connection and Trust louis partridge gf

Partridge has said that for him, the most important aspects of a relationship are “having a real connection with someone and being able to trust them completely.” The Enola Holmes star looks for partners with whom he can build a genuine bond and share honest, open communication. Partridge believes that “if you have that foundation, you can get through anything together.”

Fame Makes Dating Difficult louis partridge gf

As his fame has risen, Partridge has found that dating has become more complicated. He has admitted that “it can be difficult to work out peopleโ€™s intentions” and determine if they like him for who he is or because of his celebrity status. Partridge aims to suss out prospective partners’ louis partridge gf motivations before becoming seriously involved. At the same time, he understands that a certain amount of interest comes with the territory of acting in high-profile films and shows.

Partridge is Currently Single louis partridge gf

When asked directly if he is dating anyone in interviews, Partridge’s standard response is that he is currently single and focused on his work. However, the 19-year-old has said that although his career is a priority right now, he is still open to meeting someone special if the right person comes along. Partridge recognizes that as his stardom increases, finding authentic romantic connections may become even more of a challenge. But he remains optimistic that when the time is right, he will find a partner with whom he can build a meaningful relationship based on mutual understanding and care.

In summary, while Louis Partridge values genuine relationships and connection, his burgeoning fame has made dating more difficult. At present, the actor seems content to remain unattached while keeping an open mind for the future. Whenever he does start a new relationship, his priority will be finding a trustworthy partner with whom he can foster an honest, caring bond.

Louis Partridge’s Ideal Partner Based on His Zodiac Sign

louis partridge gf

As a Cancer sun sign, Louis Partridge likely values emotional security and nurturing in his relationships. His ideal partner would be someone who:

Provides Comfort and Stability

Cancers crave stability and comfort. Louis would probably be drawn to someone who can provide a steady, dependable presence in his life. A partner who is caring, compassionate, and able to offer emotional support would be ideal for him.

Values Home and Family

Those born under the sign of the Crab typically place a high importance on home and family. Louis would likely appreciate a partner who also values creating a loving home louis partridge gf environment and potentially starting a family someday. Someone traditional, nurturing, and willing to prioritize close relationships would suit his Cancer sensibilities well.

Can Handle His Moods

Like all water signs, Cancers experience a range of deep emotions and moods. Louis would benefit from a partner who can provide patience, understanding and tenderness. Someone able to offer empathy and a shoulder to lean on during difficult times would be a good match for his sensitive nature. His ideal partner should be able to handle his occasional melancholy or crabbiness with compassion.

Enjoys Simple Pleasures louis partridge gf

Cancers often relish simple pleasures and quiet moments. Louis probably values quality time spent together engaged in cozy or sentimental activities. A partner content with staying in for a home-cooked meal, cuddling up to enjoy a favorite movie or show, looking through old photos, or just conversing about feelings and life events would align well with his slower-paced, comfort-seeking sensibilities.

In summary, Louis Partridgeโ€™s ideal partner would likely be someone emotionally attentive, nurturing, stable, and family-oriented who can provide empathy, comfort and a quieter, sentimental lifestyle. A caring, compassionate individual willing to make home and relationships a top priority would suit his Cancerian nature well. While Lou may experience ups and downs, the right partner for him would offer patience and tenderness through all of lifeโ€™s moments.

How Louis Partridge’s Fans Feel About His Relationship Status

Louis Partridgeโ€™s relationship status has been a topic of interest among his fans since rising to fame. Many express a desire to see their favorite actor find a meaningful connection.

Hopes for His Happiness louis partridge gf

Louis Partridgeโ€™s fans genuinely care about his well-being and happiness. They frequently comment on his social media posts expressing hopes that he is taking good care of himself while navigating his busy work schedule. His followers seem to recognize the challenges of fame and balancing a high-profile career with personal relationships at a young age. Rather than making demands about his relationship status, most fans convey a message of support for whatever path may lead Louis Partridge to fulfillment and joy.

Understanding His Choice to Stay Private

The majority of Louis Partridgeโ€™s fans appear to respect his decision to keep details about his personal life private. They understand that as an actor becoming increasingly well-known, maintaining some level of privacy is important. Louis Partridge has not spoken about his relationship status or preferences in interviews, and he rarely posts about his non-work life on social media. His fans seem to appreciate that he is choosing to keep some parts of his life separate from his public persona. They do not pressure him to disclose information before he is ready.

Hoping He Feels Empowered in His Choices

Overall, Louis Partridgeโ€™s fans want him to feel empowered to make the choices that are right for him regarding his personal relationships. Rather than making demands or judgments about who he may or may not be dating, most followers express a desire for him to have independence and autonomy. They hope he is surrounding himself with people who treat him well and support him fully. His fans trust that when and if Louis Partridge chooses to share details about his relationship status, they will be there to offer him the same care, respect and encouragement they always have.

Louis Partridge Girlfriend FAQs: Answering the Big Questions

Louis Partridge is a young, up and coming actor known for playing Tewkesbury in the Netflix hit โ€œEnola Holmes.โ€ At just 18 years old, Partridgeโ€™s dating life and relationship status have become a hot topic of speculation among fans. Given his rising fame and girl-next-door good looks, the question on everyoneโ€™s mind is: Who is Louis Partridgeโ€™s girlfriend?

Is Louis Partridge dating anyone currently? louis partridge gf

As of early 2021, Louis Partridge does not appear to be romantically linked with anyone officially. The teen heartthrob seems focused on his burgeoning acting career at the current moment. However, some fans speculate he may be secretly dating his โ€œEnola Holmesโ€ co-star Millie Bobby Brown. The pair showed off impressive on-screen chemistry in the film and are known to be good friends off-set as well. However, neither star has confirmed these dating rumors, so for now, their relationship remains purely platonic.

What is Louis Partridge looking for in a girlfriend? louis partridge gf

louis partridge gf

In interviews, Louis Partridge has shared that he values humor, kindness, and intelligence in a partner. As a down-to-earth, artistic soul himself, Partridge would likely mesh well with a girl who shares similar interests in music, film, fashion and travel. Partridge has also stated he is attracted to brunettes, so any future girlfriend would likely fit that physical type. However, louis partridge gf personality and connection are higher priorities for the actor.

What challenges might Louis Partridge face in dating as a celebrity?

As Partridgeโ€™s fame grows, dating may become more complicated. Celebrities often struggle with dating non-celebrities who may not fully understand their lifestyle. However, dating another celebrity brings its own challenges, including lack of privacy, busy schedules, and long distance. Partridge will have to find someone who respects his passion for acting but also makes time for a meaningful relationship. His young age and heartthrob status could also attract disingenuous partners looking to gain from his fame, so Partridge will need to tread carefully.

With his career on the rise, Louis Partridgeโ€™s dating life will likely become more public and scrutinized. However, fans continue to wish him the very best in finding a caring, supportive partner who will stand by his side through the ups and downs of Hollywood.


You may be curious to know if Louis Partridge has a special someone in his life. Unfortunately, the talented young actor seems focused on his burgeoning career at the moment. While we don’t have confirmation one way or the other, Partridge has not been publicly linked to anyone romantically. At just 18, he likely wants to establish himself as a leading man before pursuing a high-profile relationship. His performance as Tewkesbury in Enola Holmes shows he has the charisma and talent to become a star. For now, Partridge’s heart seems to belong to his craft. Though his fans would love to see him find a sweetheart, we’re happy to enjoy watching him flex his skills on screen. The future is bright for this rising star.

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