Skullcandy Crusher 2014: Experience the Deepest Bass

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As an audiophile, you are always on the hunt for headphones that push the boundaries of sound. You want to not just hear your music but experience it. The bass is what gives music depth and emotion. When you feel the thumping of the bass, you connect with the music on a visceral level. Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones are engineered to deliver the deepest, most powerful bass experience possible for under $100.

The 2014 edition of the Skullcandy Crusher utilizes innovative technology to produce a bass experience unlike any other.

If you want headphones that make your music come alive with heart-pounding bass, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 model deserves your consideration.

Prepare for an unparalleled bass experience that will transform how you enjoy your music.

Skullcandy Crusher 2014: Pushing the Limits of Bass

The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones are designed to push the limits of bass. Powered by proprietary Crusher technology, the Crusher 2014 delivers bass you can feel.

Skullcandyโ€™s patented Crusher technology features a built-in amplifier that delivers bone-rattling bass. The amplifier is activated by a slider on the left ear cup that lets you adjust the level of bass. At maximum bass setting, the Crusher 2014 produces a deeply resonant bass experience that reverberates through your body. For a more balanced sound with slightly less bass, slide the control to a lower setting.

The Crusher 2014 also provides crisp highs and natural-sounding mids for a full audio spectrum. The headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers that produce clear highs and distortion-free mids. An inline microphone lets you take calls and control music playback on compatible devices.

With plush memory foam ear pads and an ergonomic design, the Crusher 2014 headphones provide long-lasting comfort for extended listening. The ear cups fold flat for easy storage in the included travel pouch. A detachable 3.5mm audio cable with a built-in microphone provides wired connectivity, while Bluetooth pairing enables wireless streaming from compatible devices up to 33 feet away.

For a jaw-dropping bass experience that you can feel, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones are in a class by themselves. With advanced audio technology and premium build quality at an affordable price, the Crusher 2014 is poised to win over any bass enthusiast. Turn up the slider and feel the power of Crusher technology.

Crusher Specs: Whatโ€™s Under the Hood

Under the hood, the Crusher packs some powerful specs for the ultimate bass experience.

The Crusher features Skullcandyโ€™s patented Crusher technology with built-in subwoofers that produce a deep bass you can feel. The rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of mind-blowing bass. Youโ€™ll have a hard time running out of juice with the included charging cable.

For sound quality, the Crusher incorporates large 40mm drivers that deliver crystal clear highs and mids to balance the ground-shaking low end. An in-line microphone lets you seamlessly take calls or access your deviceโ€™s voice assistant.

Adjustable Sensory Bass

The hallmark of the Crusher experience is the adjustable sensory bass. Using the slider on the left earcup, you can adjust the intensity of the bass to your preferences – from subtle to seismic. At maximum power, the bass vibrations will make your head nod and pulse quicken. For the full-body experience, crank it up!

Rugged and Durable Design

Not only does the Crusher 2014 sound tough, but it is also tough. The sturdy metal sliders and hinges paired with a damage-resistant polymer exterior mean this headphone is built to last through your most intense listening sessions. Take your Crusher anywhere without worry.

With the Crusher 2014, Skullcandy has engineered the most powerful subwoofer headphone on the market. Feel the bass, hear the bass, experience the bass – the Crusher way. Your music will never sound the same again.

A Look at the Crusherโ€™s Stylish Design

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones feature an eye-catching design in addition to powerful sound. The sleek black headphones have red accents that give them a bold look. The Crusher logo is prominently displayed on each ear cup in a metallic red that catches the light.

Premium Materials and Adjustable Fit

The Crusher headphones are constructed from high-quality materials that make them durable yet lightweight. The ear cups are made of soft synthetic protein leather that contours comfortably over your ears. An adjustable steel slider and pivoting ear cups allow you to customize the fit for maximum comfort during long listening sessions.

Foldable and Portable

The Crusher headphones fold up into a compact shape so you can easily store them in the included carry bag or your bag. At just under 1 pound, they wonโ€™t add much bulk or weight when youโ€™re on the go. The foldable design and removable 3.5mm cable make the Crushers ideal for travel or listening on planes, trains, and anywhere in between.

Additional Features

In addition to a 3.5mm cable, the Crusher package includes a male-to-male stereo cable for home listening. An in-line microphone lets you seamlessly switch from listening to music to taking phone calls. Large control buttons on the right ear cup provide a tactile way to adjust volume, playback, and calls. With a battery life of up to 40 hours, the Crushers will keep the music pumping for days between charges using the included USB cable.

While the Skullcandy Crusher headphones shine for their powerful bass, they also boast a stylish design and useful features that make them a compelling choice for any music lover looking for an all-around immersive listening experience with the convenience of Bluetooth and long battery life. The combination of premium build, comfort, and portability gives the Crushers an edge over standard headphones.

Putting the Crusher to the Test: How Deep Is the Bass?

Skullcandy Crusher 2014

To experience the Crusherโ€™s powerful bass, you’ll want to test it out with songs that have deep, thumping basslines and beats. The following tracks are ideal for putting the Crusher through its paces:

\n\n###โ€œEarthquakeโ€ by DJ Fresh, featuring Dominique Young Unique

The bass drop in this dubstep track will rattle your skull with the Crusherโ€™s haptic bass. The percussion hits hard and the wobbly bass synth will vibrate your ears.

\n\n###โ€œKernkraft 400โ€ by Zombie Nation

This electronic track is all about the thumping bassline. The repetitive bass kicks will pound through your head with the Crusher’s bass drivers.

\n\n###โ€œIn da Clubโ€ by 50 Cent

50 Centโ€™s hip-hop classic features a deep, booming bassline that resonates and reverberates with the Crusherโ€™s bass emphasis. The catchy beat is driven by the bass and kicks, which the Crusher enhances for an immersive experience.

\n\n###โ€œMy Name Isโ€ by Eminem

Eminemโ€™s aggressive flow and attitude match well with the Crusherโ€™s bold bass. The bass-heavy beat knocks hard and the Crusher boosts the bass hits and resonance. The overall effect is a bass assault on your ears.

\n\n###โ€œWelcome to the Jungleโ€ by Guns Nโ€™ Roses

This hard rock anthem features a legendary bassline intro that the Crusher was made to amplify. The bass slides and chops will shake your head as the haptic drivers vibrate in time. The heavy drumbeats and bass combine for a jungle of deep sound with the Crusher.

Testing the Crusher with bass-centric genres like electronic, hip-hop, and rock showed how effectively it enhances and amplifies deep bass frequencies. The haptic bass drivers create a resonance you can feel, bringing you into the depth of the beat. If you want to experience the full depths of bass, the Skullcandy Crusher is the headphone to do it. It’s custom bass emphasis and haptic feedback place you right in the thick of the deepest beats.

The Pleasure and Pain of So Much Bass

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are designed to provide an intense bass experience, which can be both pleasurable and uncomfortable depending on your preferences and the type of audio. The bass on the Skullcandy Crusher can be adjusted to your desired level using the bass control knob located on the left ear cup. At maximum bass levels, the headphones vibrate and pulse in time with the low-end frequencies in your audio.

For bass-heavy genres like dubstep, hip hop, and EDM, the extra bass provided by the Crusher can make the listening experience more immersive. The vibrations and pulses you feel, in sync with the heavy beats, almost give the sensation of being at a live show. However, for other music genres or audio like podcasts, the heavy bass may seem out of place and can become fatiguing over long listening sessions.

The comfort level of the extra bass also depends on the sensitivity of the individual. Some may find the sensation of the vibrating ear cups unpleasant and almost irritating. If you are sensitive to vibrations or tactile sensations, the Crusherโ€™s bass feature may be overwhelming for you, even at moderate levels. It is best to try the headphones in person if possible to determine if the level of bass will suit your needs and comfort before purchasing.

While the bass on the Skullcandy Crusher can transform your listening experience with the right genres, it may be overpowering for those sensitive to the effects. Adjusting the level of bass and limiting long listening sessions may improve comfort. However, if the heavy bass proves unpleasant no matter the adjustments, a set of headphones with more neutral or natural sound may be better suited to your needs. The bass on the Crusher is a love-hate feature that comes down to personal preference.

Who Are These For? The Target Audience of the Skullcandy Crusher 2014

The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones are ideal for those seeking an amplified bass experience with their music. If you enjoy genres like hip-hop, electronic, or dubstep that emphasize low-end frequencies, the Crusher 2014 model is an excellent choice.

To fully experience the bass of the Skullcandy Crusher 2014, the optimal audience includes:

โ€ขAudiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking an enhanced bass sound. The Crusher 2014 utilizes haptic bass technology to produce vibrations you can feel. For those who appreciate high-quality audio and the physical sensation of powerful bass, these headphones hit the mark.

โ€ขCasual music listeners who prefer amplified lows. Whether you enjoy listening to music as you commute, exercise, or relax, the Crusher 2014 provides impactful bass without needing professional studio equipment.

โ€ขGamers looking for an immersive experience. The haptic bass and over-ear design of the Crusher 2014 headphones allow you to become fully immersed in your gameplay, feeling every explosion and rumble.

โ€ขStudents or professionals in need of noise-canceling headphones. The Crusher 2014 model uses plush memory foam ear cushions and an over-ear cup design to block out ambient noise so you can focus.

While the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones will appeal most to bass enthusiasts and those seeking a vibration-inducing experience, the stylish and comfortable design, as well as noise-blocking features, provide benefits for a range of audiences. At an affordable price point, the Crusher 2014 offers a premium listening experience for casual users and music devotees alike. Whether you wish to feel the deepest lows of your favorite tunes or become lost in an action-packed gaming session, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones deliver.

Comparing the Crusher to Other Bass-Heavy Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher 2014

Comparing the Skullcandy Crusher to other bass-heavy headphones currently available allows you to make an informed purchasing decision. The following factors should be considered when evaluating the Crusher:

Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Crusher produces deep, powerful bass that does not distort at high volumes, thanks to its built-in amplifier. The amplifier allows you to adjust bass levels to your preference using the bass control located on the left ear cup. Midrange frequencies are present but recessed, while high frequencies have a sharp, sibilant quality. Sound quality is best described as โ€œV-shapedโ€ with an emphasis on bass and treble.


The Crusher features generously padded ear cups and an adjustable padded headband, providing a high level of comfort for extended listening sessions. The ear cups fully enclose your ears, blocking out ambient noise. However, the headphones themselves are on the heavier side due to the built-in amplifier, which may cause discomfort over time. Those sensitive to the feeling of headphones may prefer a lighter alternative.

Build Quality

Skullcandy is known for producing stylish yet durable headphones, and the Crusher is no exception. The headphones are predominantly constructed from high-quality plastics with metal accents. The hinges and headband are flexible but feel solid. While the build quality is good for the price, the headphones may not withstand excessive physical stress as well as some competitors. Proper care and handling is recommended to maximize product lifespan.

Additional Features

The Crusherโ€™s key feature is its built-in amplifier for adjustable bass. It also includes an in-line microphone and remote for taking calls and controlling media playback. The headphones fold inward for storage and transport. At this price point, additional features are fairly standard. Some competitors may offer longer battery life, noise cancelation, or wireless connectivity for a comparable price.

In summary, the Skullcandy Crusher provides impactful bass in a stylish, comfortable package. For bass enthusiasts seeking affordable headphones to experience music in a new way, the Crusher is a compelling choice. However, those wanting a more balanced sound or additional features may want to consider alternative options.

Where to Buy Your Pair of Skullcandy Crushers 2014

Once youโ€™ve decided to purchase the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones, youโ€™ll want to find a reputable retailer to buy them from. Here are some of the top options:

Skullcandyโ€™s official website is always a safe bet for purchasing authentic Crusher 2014 headphones. Youโ€™ll find the full line of colors and options available directly from the manufacturer. Skullcandy frequently runs sales and promotions on its website, so you may be able to find a good deal or bundle to save some money. They offer free shipping and returns in the U.S. for added convenience.

Best Buy

As one of the largest electronics retailers, Best Buy carries the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones in stores and online. They price match and other major retailers, and Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members enjoy additional discounts on select items. Best Buy offers in-store pickup, shipping, and easy returns on all orders.


Amazon is a massive online marketplace where you can find the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones. However, be very careful when purchasing from third-party sellers on Amazon, as counterfeit products do exist. For peace of mind, look for items sold and shipped directly by or Skullcandyโ€™s official Amazon store. Amazon Prime members get benefits like free two-day shipping.

โ€ขTarget – In-store and online, with price matching, REDcard savings, and easy returns.

โ€ขWalmart – Look for โ€œSold and shipped by Walmart.comโ€ to ensure an authentic product. They match prices and offer free shipping on most orders.

โ€ขeBay – Use caution as counterfeits are common on eBay. Check the sellerโ€™s feedback and only buy from reputable retailers.

Wherever you choose to buy your Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones, be sure to inspect them upon delivery to ensure youโ€™ve received an official new product with authentic parts. Take advantage of return policies if anything seems off. With normal use and care, your Crushers should provide deep bass for years to come.

Skullcandy Crusher 2014 FAQs: Get Your Questions About This Bass-Pumping Headphone Answered

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are designed to deliver an intense bass experience, but you probably have some questions about these bass-focused cans. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones.

What is Sensation 55?

Sensation 55 is Skullcandyโ€™s proprietary bass enhancement technology featured in the Crusher headphones. It uses special drivers in each ear cup that vibrate in time with the bass in your music to produce a tactile bass experience you can feel. You can adjust the level of bass vibration using the slider on the left ear cup.

How much bass does the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 have?

Skullcandy Crusher 2014

The Crushers are all about the bass, so they pack a lot of low-end punch. In addition to the vibrating drivers, the Crushers have large 40mm drivers that are tuned to emphasize bass frequencies. The result is a very bass-forward sound with impactful lows. If you like your music with extra bass, the Crushers will deliver.

Are the Crushers good for other music genres?

While the Crushers are geared toward bass-heavy music like electronic, hip-hop, and dubstep, they can still work well for other genres. The large drivers and closed-back design provide a spacious soundstage and good clarity in the mids and highs. So rock, alternative, and pop music can also sound good through the Crushers, though the heavy bass emphasis may be too much for some. In general, any genre where solid low-end matters will pair nicely with these headphones.

What colors does the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 come in?

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are available in black, white, and red color variations. The black and white models have a matte finish and minimal branding, while the red Crushers add some visual flair with a metallic flake finish and Skullcandy logos on the ear cups. No matter which color you choose, the signature Skullcandy logo is embossed on the headband.

Are there any alternatives to the Skullcandy Crusher 2014?

If the Crushers seem like too much bass for you but you still want headphones tailored for electronic and hip-hop music, consider the Skullcandy Hesh 2. They provide a bass-forward sound with punchy lows but not nearly as much as the Crushers. The V-MODA Crossfade LP2 is another good option with a more balanced sound and excellent build quality. For serious audiophiles, the Sennheiser HD-25-1 II or Audio-Technica ATH-M50x may be better choices.


The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones deliver an unparalleled listening experience for bass lovers and those seeking an immersive audio experience. With innovative bass enhancement technology, these headphones produce rich, deep bass you can feel. While the sound quality overall is very good, the bass is truly the star. If you want headphones specifically engineered to deliver chest-thumping low end, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 should be at the top of your list. For under $100, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another set of headphones that provides the same visceral experience. Turn up your favorite tracks, feel the bass, and get lost in the music with the Skullcandy Crusher 2014.

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