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As an avid gamer, you’re always on the lookout for the next challenge or adventure. But strict network policies at work or school often block access to many popular gaming sites and platforms. Unblocked Games Premium provides a solution. This innovative service offers a curated catalog of over 1,000 unblocked games that you can play anytime, anywhere, without restrictions.

With a vast selection spanning action, adventure, puzzle, skill, and strategy games, you’ll never run out of entertainment options. And with new titles added weekly, there’s always something fresh to try. Play solo or compete against friends and coworkers during breaks to build camaraderie. Stay sharp by exercising your problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination with quick rounds of your favorite unblocked games.

For a nominal monthly subscription fee, Unblocked Games Premium grants you unlimited access to their full library of unblocked games, playable on any device. Now you can enjoy a quick game of Solitaire, Super Mario Bros, or Pac-Man, even when your network admins are watching. Unblocked games have never been so accessible. The adventures await; it’s game on!

What Are Unblocked Games Premium?

Unblocked Games Premium is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to a vast library of web-based games. For a monthly fee, members can play thousands of unblocked games on any internet-connected device.

Unblocked games are casual games that are playable on school computers, work networks, and other devices with web restrictions or firewalls. They require no download and can be accessed instantly in a web browser. Unblocked Games Premium offers a curated collection of these instantly playable games, hand-selected for all ages.

A Huge Selection of Games

Unblocked Games Premium features thousands of unblocked games spanning many genres, including:

  • Action and Adventure: Platformers, RPGs, dungeon crawlers, etc.
  • Puzzle and Strategy: Match-3, hidden object, sudoku, chess, mahjong, etc.
  • Arcade and Classic: Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, pinball, etc.
  • Multiplayer: Online pool, checkers, cards, bingo, etc.
  • Education: Math games, typing games, geography games, etc.

New games are added every week to keep the library fresh. Members will never run out of games to play.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Unblocked Games Premium can be accessed from any internet-connected device, including:

  1. School and work computers
  2. Mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  3. Laptops and desktop PCs (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS)

Members can play on their lunch break, during study hall, at home, or on the go – no downloads required. An unlimited subscription means you can play as often as you like.

An Affordable Entertainment Option

For budget-friendly entertainment, the whole family can enjoy, an Unblocked Games Premium subscription is an excellent option at only $5.99/month or $49.99/year. Play as many unblocked games as you want for one low monthly price.

Top 10 Unblocked Games Premium Websites

To access a wide range of unblocked games from anywhere, the following premium websites offer a paid subscription service with a vast library of popular titles across many genres.

1. Unblocked Games 66

For $4.99/month, Unblocked Games 66 provides access to over 1,000 unblocked games that can be played on any device. Genres include action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, shooting, sports, and more.

2. Unblocked Games 77

Unblocked Games 77 has a premium package for $5.99/month with a curated selection of over 500 unblocked games, including popular series like Fireboy and Watergirl, Run, and Fleeing the Complex. The site is frequently updated with the latest game releases.

3. Unblocked Games 911

Unblocked Games 911 offers premium memberships starting at $3.99/month for unlimited access to a wide range of unblocked games, including Minecraft, Super Mario, and Pacman. The library is updated weekly with new titles across action, adventure, puzzle, and sandbox genres.

4. Unblocked Games Pro

For $4.99/month, Unblocked Games Pro grants full access to their premium collection of over 1,500 unblocked games. The site is mobile-optimized, so games can be enjoyed on the go. Popular titles include Slope, Impossible Quiz, and Tetris. New games are added each month across all genres.

5. Unblocked Games Arena

Unblocked Games Arena provides premium subscriptions from $3.99 to $9.99/month for full access to their library of unblocked games. The site is frequently updated with new releases like Run 3, Fireboy and Watergirl, and Fleeing the Complex. Unblocked Games Arena offers games of all genres to suit any age or interest.

Action and Adventure Unblocked Games

Unblocked games premium offers a wide selection of action and adventure games you can play anytime. These fast-paced games provide an adrenaline rush as you complete missions, battle enemies, and navigate obstacles.

Shooter Games

Shooter games allow you to virtually wield weapons like pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers. In Alien Attack Team, team up with friends to defeat an alien invasion. In Street Fighter, play as Ryu or Chun-Li and use karate moves to knock out opponents. For sniper practice, try the Sift Heads series. These games test your reflexes and accuracy under pressure.

Fighting Games

If hand-to-hand combat is more your style, choose from various fighting games. In the Mortal Kombat series, use special moves like Scorpionโ€™s โ€œGet over here!โ€ spear or Sub-Zeroโ€™s ice blast to defeat formidable foes. In Super Smash Bros, battle as classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, and Pikachu. Use punches, kicks, and signature moves to knock competitors off the stage.

Action Platformers

For classic side-scrolling fun, play action platformers like Contra, Metal Slug, and Heli Attack. In Contra, maneuver through jungle environments, shooting enemies and avoiding hazards. In Metal Slug, ride vehicles like tanks, camels, and jetpacks through missions. Heli Attack sends you on rescue missions, dodging obstacles in a helicopter. Time your jumps precisely in these fast-paced retro games.

Unblocked games premium has an extensive catalog of action and adventure games for any thrill seeker. Whether shooting zombies, fighting ninjas, or piloting aircraft, these games provide challenging fun for players of all skill levels. So take a break and immerse yourself in virtual adventures anytime.

Puzzle and Strategy Unblocked Games Premium

Unblocked Games Premium offers a wide selection of puzzle and strategy games that provide an engaging challenge for players of all skill levels. These games require logical thinking and problem-solving to complete objectives and advance through levels.


The classic block-stacking game Tetris is available to play. Tetris involves manipulating shapes composed of four blocks each, which fall from the top of the playing field. The objective is to complete horizontal lines of blocks without empty space. As the game progresses, the shapes fall faster and faster. Tetris requires fast thinking and hand-eye coordination to keep up with the increasing speed.


For a more relaxed pace, the tile-matching game Mahjong is offered. Mahjong uses engraved tiles with Chinese characters and symbols. Players match open pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board. The goal is to remove all tiles by matching pairs. Mahjong cultivates strategic thinking as you determine which tiles can be matched and the optimal order to clear the board.


The jumping game Checkers is also provided for some friendly competition. In Checkers, players use round pieces to capture opponent pieces by jumping over them. Players can only move diagonally and must always jump if possible. The player who captures all of their opponent’s pieces first wins. Checkers involves planning several moves ahead and using defensive techniques to protect your own pieces.

Additional Options

Other puzzle and strategy games include Reversi, in which players flip disks to their color; Dots and Boxes, where players create boxes to claim territory on a grid; and Minesweeper, in which players deduce the locations of mines hidden in a grid. There are games for every skill level and interest.

With an abundance of puzzle and strategy games to choose from, players are sure to find an unblocked option to challenge their minds and pass the time. The variety of games offered provides entertainment for all.

Sports Unblocked Games

Unblocked Games Premium offers a wide selection of sports games that provide entertainment without restrictions. Some popular options include:

Basketball Unblocked

Experience the thrill of the court with basketball unblocked games. Shoot hoops to your heart’s content without worrying about blocked content or downloads. Options range from arcade-style games to more realistic simulations.

Football (Soccer) Unblocked

For football (soccer) fans, unblocked football games allow you to play as your favorite club or country. Dribble, pass, and bend it like Beckham without limitation. Both 2D and 3D football unblocked games are available to suit any skill level or interest.

Cricket Unblocked

Cricket unblocked games bring the excitement of the pitch straight to you. Whether you prefer test matches, one-day internationals, or 20-over thrills, cricket unblocked games have you covered. Bat and bowl to lead your team to victory.

Tennis Unblocked

For those with an interest in tennis, unblocked tennis games serve up fast-paced action and intense rallies. Play on grass, clay, or hard courts as you volley and lob your way through matches. Both arcade-style and more simulation-focused tennis options are available unblocked.

Other Options

In addition to the sports mentioned above, Unblocked Games Premium offers unblocked games for many other athletics such as baseball, golf, racing, and more. No matter what sporting interests you may have, unblocked games provide a way to enjoy your passion without limitation.

Through unblocked sports games, Unblocked Games Premium makes it possible to enjoy your favorite athletic pastimes anytime and anywhere with an active Internet connection. With various styles and skill levels to choose from, sports fans of all types can find unblocked games to suit them.

Arcade and Classic Unblocked Games

For those seeking classic arcades and retro-style games that can be played anywhere, Unblocked Games Premium has you covered. This platform offers a robust selection of unblocked games spanning many genres.

Arcade Games

Revisit classics from the golden age of arcades. Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, Asteroids, and Frogger are all available to play. These games feature simple yet challenging gameplay that is instantly recognizable. Players guide characters through mazes, destroy space invaders, and hop across traffic, all while racking up high scores.


Unblocked Games Premium features side-scrolling platformer games reminiscent of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. In these games, players guide characters across levels by jumping and climbing. Options include Mario-esque games like Super Mario Flash and Sonic-style games such as Sonic Revert. Players can also find games inspired by Metroid and Castlevania.

Puzzle Games

For those seeking a mental challenge, Unblocked Games Premium offers a selection of puzzle games. These include match-three games like Bejeweled, where players swap colored gems to make matches. Tetris-style block-stacking games are also available. Players position falling blocks to create full rows. There are pipe-connecting games that require strategic thinking to build a pipeline and transport water or other resources.

Retro Remakes

Unblocked Games Premium allows you to rediscover your favorite classic games in a new way with remakes using updated graphics. Play 3D versions of Snake, Pong, Arkanoid, and other retro favorites. While the gameplay remains the same, the visuals have been upgraded to modern standards. Experience the nostalgia of the originals with a fresh coat of paint.

With its blend of arcade, platformer, puzzle, and retro remakes, Unblocked Games Premium provides a well-rounded selection of games in a convenient unblocked format. Players of all ages can enjoy revisiting childhood favorites or discovering new classics. The simple yet challenging nature of these games provides entertainment on any device, anywhere.

Shooting Unblocked Games

Unblocked shooting games provide an entertaining way to improve your aiming and reflex skills. These action-packed games allow you to practice your shooting technique without needing access to actual firearms.

Aim Training

Aim training shooting games help build your precision and accuracy. In these games, you are tasked with shooting static or moving targets. Some games feature bullseye targets at varying distances, while others have you shoot objects like bottles, plates, or cans. Start with larger targets at closer ranges, then work your way up to smaller targets at further distances as your skills improve.

Reflex and Speed Training

Reflex-based shooting games boost your reaction times and hand-eye coordination. In these games, targets will pop up or move suddenly, challenging you to shoot them as quickly as possible. Try games where targets slide or drop across the screen, or where multiple targets appear at once. Compete against friends to make reflex training even more engaging.

Scenario-Based Games

Put your shooting skills to the test in virtual scenarios. Some unblocked shooting games recreate dangerous situations, like defending a base from an enemy attack or stopping a thief during a bank heist. Others are more fantastical, involving alien invasions or zombie outbreaks. These scenario-based games are highly immersive and help build decision-making skills in addition to your shooting technique.

With regular practice, unblocked shooting games can significantly improve your precision, speed, and reflexes. Start with basic aim training, then progress to more complex scenarios as your skills develop. Compare your accuracy and reaction times to see just how far you’ve come. Unblocked shooting games offer an exciting way to build valuable skills at your own pace.

RPG Unblocked Games Premium

Unblocked Games Premium offers a wide selection of role-playing games (RPGs) that provide an immersive experience without restrictions. RPG-unblocked games allow you to create a character and go on an adventure in a virtual world.

Choose Your Character

When playing an RPG, the first step is to choose a character. You may be able to select from pre-made characters or customize your own. Choose a character class such as warrior, mage, or thief that matches your preferred playstyle. You can then customize attributes like strength, intelligence, and agility to optimize your character.

Complete Quests and Level Up

As you explore the virtual world, you will come across non-player characters (NPCs) that will provide you with quests and tasks to complete. Completing these quests allows your character to gain experience points (XP) and level up, making them stronger and able to take on more difficult challenges. Leveling up also provides points to improve your attributes and skills.

Battle Enemies and Bosses

An essential part of any RPG is combat against enemies and bosses. You will need to use your character’s abilities and equipment to defeat the foes that stand in your way. Strategy and quick reflexes are required, especially when facing formidable bosses. Defeating enemies also provides valuable XP and loot to help strengthen your character.

Craft and Trade

Some RPGs allow you to gather resources and craft equipment, potions, or other useful items. You may also be able to trade with NPCs or other players to acquire gear that complements your character and playstyle. Crafting and trading both require in-game currency, which can be earned by completing quests, defeating enemies, or selling unused items.

Unblocked RPG games provide entertainment and escapism without restrictions. Create your character, complete quests, battle enemies, and level up as you explore immersive virtual worlds. An array of game options means there is an RPG adventure for every player.

FAQ: Unblocked Games Premium

Unblocked Games Premium offers a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to provide answers to common questions from users.

What devices can I play Unblocked Games Premium on?

You can play Unblocked Games Premium on any device with an internet connection, including:

  • Windows PCs
  • Mac computers
  • Chromebooks
  • Android tablets and phones
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Linux devices

Since Unblocked Games Premium is browser-based, it works on any device with a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

How much does Unblocked Games Premium cost?

Unblocked Games Premium is free to use. We do not require any subscription or in-app purchases to play games.

Are the games on Unblocked Games Premium safe for kids?

Most games on Unblocked Games Premium are family-friendly and kid-safe. We carefully review all games before adding them to our library. However, some games may contain cartoon violence. We recommend parents monitor their children’s gameplay.

Can I request new games to be added?

Unblocked Games Premium

Absolutely! We are always looking to expand our game library. If there is a game you would like to see on Unblocked Games Premium, you can request it by contacting us on our website. Provide the name and URL of the game, and we will review it to see if we can add it to our unblocked library.

Why are some games blocked on school/work networks?

Schools, workplaces, and other organizations often block access to games and other non-essential websites. Unblocked Games Premium provides proxy access to popular games so you can play even when certain sites are restricted. We unblock the games on our end so you just need an internet connection to play.

How often are new games added to Unblocked Games Premium?

We regularly add new unblocked games to our library. You can expect 10-15 new games to be added each month. We curate a mix of newly trending games as well as all-time classics to provide a wide range of gaming options. Check back frequently to see what new unblocked games we have added!


In conclusion, Unblocked Games Premium offers a robust library of fun, addictive games accessible anywhere with an internet connection. No longer do you need to worry about restrictions or firewalls preventing you from enjoying some leisure time immersed in the virtual world? With a vast range of genres and difficulty levels to choose from, there is something for gamers of all types. Experience the thrill of competition, the joy of overcoming challenges, and the satisfaction of progressing to the next level, all without limitation. For a nominal monthly subscription fee, you can tap into a seamless source of entertainment and escapism. Why wait? Sign up today and start playing. The portal to an unrestricted world of play is open. All you have to do is walkthrough.

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