Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2024

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Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2024

As an avid Costco shopper, you’re always curious about where the next warehouse is opening. Costco’s growth shows no signs of slowing down, as the big-box retailer continues expanding to new locations across North America. If you’ve been waiting patiently for a Costco to open near you, 2024 could be your year.

Costco aims to open between 10 to 15 new warehouses each year to keep up with member demand and market opportunities. New locations are selected based on a variety of factors, including population growth, proximity to transportation infrastructure, and competition in the area. With over 800 locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, France, China, and Iceland, Costco is focused on strategic expansion into new territories.

While Costco keeps specific new site details confidential until close to opening, industry experts anticipate Costco targeting high-growth areas, especially in the Southern and Midwestern U.S., over the next couple of years. Rumors also point to additional new international Costco locations in 2024, though the retailer has not yet confirmed locations. If you’re hoping for a Costco near you soon, keep your eye out for news of zoning permits and construction in your city, which are often signs a new warehouse will be opening within the next 12 to 18 months. The new year is looking bright for dedicated Costco members and bargain hunters across the globe.

Costco’s Impressive Growth and Expansion Plans for 2024

Costco is on track for continued growth and expansion in 2024 according to its strategic plans.

  • Costco aims to open between 20 to 25 new warehouses worldwide in 2024, the majority of which will be in North America and Asia. New locations are planned for Texas, North Carolina, Washington, and Ontario in 2024.
  • Costcoโ€™s expansion into Asia has been very successful. They plan to open 3 to 5 new locations in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan in 2024 to meet demand in these lucrative markets. Costcoโ€™s Asian locations have higher sales volumes and more Executive Member signups than US locations, highlighting the opportunity for growth.
  • E-commerce sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and Costco aims to enhance its online shopping experience to continue this trend. Plans for 2024 include improving mobile app functionality, same-day grocery delivery, and integrating in-store pickup for online orders. These conveniences will make shopping more accessible for members.
  • Costco Travel is recovering quickly post-pandemic, and 2024 will see continued expansion into new destinations and travel products to provide more value to members. Cruises, guided tours, and all-inclusive resort packages are areas of interest.
  • Costco aims for steady membership growth through valuable offers and competitive pricing. Plans for 2024 include incentives for Executive Member upgrades and affordable basic membership options to attract new members on tight budgets.

With a focus on increasing value through low prices, quality goods, and services, Costco is well-positioned for robust growth and success in 2024 and beyond. Expansion into emerging markets, online, and travel are priorities, as is gaining new members to support the growing number of warehouses worldwide. Overall, the future looks bright for this respected brand.

Hot Spots for New Costco Locations in 2024

Costco is strategically expanding into new regions and territories to reach more members and drive continued growth. In 2024, hot spots for new Costco locations include:

The Southern United States. Costco will likely open additional warehouses in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia to capture the regionโ€™s rapid population growth and appeal to the increasing number of households with higher disposable incomes.

Major metropolitan areas. As more people migrate into cities and suburbs, Costco will probably focus on expansion in large metro regions like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. New warehouses in these heavily populated areas will allow Costco to provide convenience to more members and gain new memberships.

International expansion. Costco’s global footprint will possibly extend into new countries in Asia, South America, and Europe. Possible locations may include Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Spain. International expansion presents an opportunity for Costco to reach new members and drive sales growth, though Costco will have to adapt merchandising and operations to suit local market preferences in each new country.

While Costcoโ€™s specific expansion plans for 2024 have not yet been announced, analysts expect continued steady growth into new territories and geographies to fuel the companyโ€™s progress. By opening strategically located new warehouses, Costco can offer increased convenience and value to more members worldwide. The key to Costcoโ€™s success has always been and will continue to be providing the highest quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices, no matter the location. Costcoโ€™s disciplined expansion strategy and commitment to member satisfaction suggest a bright future of growth and prosperity.

Costco’s West Coast Expansion – New Stores in California, Oregon and Washington

As Costco continues expanding its warehouse club model, the West Coast will see several new locations opening in 2024.

Northern California

Residents of Vacaville, CA can look forward to a new Costco warehouse in early 2024. This will be the cityโ€™s second Costco location, providing more options and convenience for members in Solano County.

Further north, Costco has plans to open a new warehouse in Redding, CA. This will be the first Costco in Shasta County, allowing members from Redding, Anderson, and surrounding communities access to Costcoโ€™s low-prices and exclusive membership perks.


Costco will debut its first warehouse in Albany, OR in mid-2024. Members from Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, and beyond will appreciate this new, closer option for shopping at the popular warehouse club.

Also coming to Oregon in 2024 is Costcoโ€™s third location in the Portland metro area. The new warehouse in Happy Valley will feature a liquor store, pharmacy, food court, and the usual wide selection of groceries and general merchandise that Costco is known for. This additional warehouse will help reduce congestion at the two existing Portland Costco locations.


Expanding into new parts of Washington state, Costco plans to open warehouses in Kennewick and Wenatchee during 2024. These will be the first Costco locations serving the Tri-Cities and Wenatchee areas, respectively. Local members will surely welcome the convenience as well as Costcoโ€™s affordability and product quality.

With numerous new warehouses set to open, Costco members on the West Coast have an exciting year of expansion ahead. More locations mean less crowded warehouses, shorter lines, and less time spent driving to shop at Costco. Be on the lookout for additional details and opening dates as 2024 approaches.

Targeting the South – Costco’s Plans for Texas, Georgia and Florida

Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2024

Costco has major expansion plans for 2024, especially in the southern United States. The company aims to open several new warehouse clubs in Texas, Georgia, and Florida to capture more of the market in these high-growth areas.

Targeting Texas

Costco will open 3-5 new stores in Texas cities such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Houston and Austin are two of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., while San Antonio is an attractive market due to its large population. By establishing a stronger presence in these cities, Costco can reach more customers and boost sales.

Expanding in Georgia

Georgia is another priority state for Costco’s expansion. The company plans to open 2-3 new warehouse clubs in the Atlanta metro area, which has a large base of potential members. Atlanta is the cultural and economic center of the Southeast, so additional Costco locations will allow the company to increase its customer base in this region. New stores may open in suburbs like Alpharetta, Kennesaw, and Marietta.

Gaining Ground in Florida

Florida’s desirable climate and tax incentives make it an important market for Costco. The company aims to open 4-6 new warehouse clubs throughout Florida, especially in high-growth cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. New locations in Tampa and Orlando can capture business from the many families and retirees in central Florida. Additional stores in Miami and surrounding cities will help Costco gain more of the market in southern Florida.

Costcoโ€™s expansion in Texas, Georgia, and Florida demonstrates the companyโ€™s plan to establish a stronger presence in the southern U.S. By targeting major cities and high-growth areas in these states, Costco can reach more potential members, boost sales, and gain a larger share of the market. The new warehouse clubs opening in 2024 will help propel Costcoโ€™s growth in the South.

Costco Heads East – New Locations Coming to New York and Pennsylvania

Costco continues expanding its warehouse footprint, with plans to open new locations in the Northeastern United States in 2024.

New York

Costco aims to open three new warehouse stores in New York in 2024, including a second location in Queens and new stores in the Bronx and on Long Island. The Queens location will help meet demand from the boroughโ€™s growing population, while the Bronx and Long Island stores will make Costcoโ€™s low prices and bulk items more convenient for residents in those areas.


The Keystone State will gain two new Costco warehouses in 2024, with planned openings in Montgomeryville and Pittsburgh. The Montgomeryville warehouse will serve communities north of Philadelphia, providing an additional option for bulk shopping and saving on household essentials. The Pittsburgh-area warehouse will give more western Pennsylvania members a closer location to shop and fill their carts.

With the addition of five new warehouses across New York and Pennsylvania, Costco is making progress to expand into more neighborhoods and offer a greater number of members the value and savings its warehouses are known for. More locations mean more convenience, as members will have additional stores to choose from based on their address and shopping needs. The new 2024 warehouses are part of Costcoโ€™s steady growth plan to open between 15 to 20 new stores each year in the United States and Canada.

Members in New York, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding regions will soon have extra opportunities to save on everything from groceries and electronics to tires and travel. As Costco establishes more locations, members gain access to lower prices on necessities and additional options for one-stop shopping. The convenience of new nearby warehouses means quicker trips and fresher bulk items. Overall, 2024 looks to be an exciting year of expansion for Costco members out east.

Midwest Growth – Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan Targeted for Expansion

Costco aims to strategically expand its warehouse club empire across Americaโ€™s heartland over the next few years. According to the companyโ€™s latest projections, Costco will focus development in 2024 on three Midwestern states primed for new store openings: Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.


Costco plans to open 3-4 new locations in Illinois within the next 18-24 months. Candidate cities include Rockford, Joliet, and Springfield, all of which currently lack a Costco warehouse. These metropolitan areas have sizable populations and above-average household incomes, which bodes well for a brand that charges membership fees and caters to bulk shoppers.


The Buckeye State is slated for 2-3 additional Costco outposts over the next two years. Possible sites include Toledo, Dayton, and suburban Cincinnati. These Ohio cities represent underserved markets that would likely welcome a Costco, given their large populations, increasing affluence, and proximity to major highways. A Costco location could also attract members from neighboring areas in Michigan and Indiana.


Costcoโ€™s expansion plans earmark 1-2 new warehouse stores for Michigan in 2024. Prime candidates are Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, both affluent college towns with limited big-box retail options. New Costco stores would tap into these citiesโ€™ well-educated and family-oriented populations. They would also serve members in outlying smaller towns and rural communities across western Michigan.

Costcoโ€™s strategic growth into the Midwest aims to capture new members in areas thus far lacking warehouse clubs. By targeting populous, prosperous cities in Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, Costco can establish a stronger foothold in the region and gain market share from competitors like Samโ€™s Club and BJโ€™s Wholesale Club. Over the next few years, Midwesterners should see more Costco stores popping up in their neighborhoods.

International Expansion – Costco’s Plans for Mexico, Canada and Asia

Costco Wholesale Corporation has ambitious plans for international expansion over the next few years. Specifically, the company aims to open new warehouse locations in Mexico, Canada, and select Asian countries by 2024.


Costco currently operates 39 warehouse clubs in Mexico and sees significant opportunities for growth in this market. The company believes Mexicoโ€™s developing economy, increasing disposable income, and growing middle class will drive demand for the bulk-sized items and low-price model Costco offers. Costco hopes to open 5-10 new warehouse locations in Mexico over the next 3 years, focusing on areas around Mexico City and other large population centers.


Costco’s Canadian operations have been very successful, with over 100 warehouse clubs across nine provinces. Costco will continue expanding in Canada by opening 3-5 new warehouses each year for the foreseeable future, particularly in suburban areas of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. Canada’s proximity to the U.S. and cultural similarities make it an ideal market for Costco’s expansion.


Costco is making moves into select Asian countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Costco recently entered the South Korean market and has plans to open 2-3 new locations in Seoul and surrounding cities over the next couple of years. Taiwan and Japan also present opportunities for Costco to gain a foothold in Asia, with large populations, increasing wealth, and interest in Western brands. Costco hopes to open its first locations in Taiwan and Japan within the next 3-5 years.

In summary, Costco has an aggressive growth strategy focused on Mexico, Canada, and parts of Asia. By expanding into these geographically close and culturally similar markets, Costco can leverage its successful model to drive profits and better compete on a global scale. Over the next 3 years, consumers in these countries can expect to find more Costco warehouses stocked with high-quality goods at lower prices.

What to Expect From New Costco Locations in 2024

As Costco continues expanding in 2024, members can look forward to new warehouse locations opening across the U.S. and Canada. These upcoming Costco spots will provide the same valuable deals on bulk items that shoppers have come to expect. However, there are some differences patrons should expect from new 2024 Costco locations.

Larger Size and Selection

New Costco warehouses are typically larger in square footage, which means they can offer an even greater selection of goods. Shoppers may find a wider array of grocery items, clothing, home decor, and more to choose from. The larger footprint also means more room for specialty departments like an optical center, pharmacy, food court, and tire center.

Enhanced Services

The latest Costco locations frequently provide additional services beyond the standard warehouse offerings. For example, new sites may include a hearing aid center, business delivery options, or dedicated pick-up areas for online orders. As Costco continues improving the member experience, upgraded amenities and services are likely to appear in 2024 store openings.

Increased Focus on Prepared Foods

Recent Costco locations have placed a strong emphasis on fresh, prepared food options from in-house kitchens and bakeries. The trend is expected to continue into 2024, with new warehouses featuring a wide selection of ready-to-eat meals, salads, sandwiches, and baked goods. These delicious and affordable choices are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner on the go.

Improved Sustainability

New Costco sites are typically constructed according to modern sustainability standards using environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient equipment. For example, warehouses may have solar panels installed, charging stations for electric vehicles, and designated recycling areas. Costcoโ€™s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is sure to be on display in 2024 store openings.

By staying up to date on the latest locations opening in your area, Costco members can discover all the exciting new features and benefits these 2024 warehouses have to offer. Be prepared for a bigger, better shopping experience at new Costco spots.

FAQ on Costco’s Store Openings in 2024 – Your Top Questions Answered

As Costco continues expanding globally, many people wonder where new warehouse stores will be opening in 2024. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Costco’s store openings next year.

When will new Costco locations open in 2024?

Costco aims to open between 10 to 15 new warehouse stores in the U.S. and Canada each year. The exact opening dates for 2024 locations have not yet been announced, but new stores typically open in the spring, summer, and fall months. Check Costco’s website in early 2024 for the latest details on specific opening dates.

Where are the new Costco stores opening in 2024?

Costco evaluates many factors when choosing locations for new stores, including population growth, competition, and proximity to transportation corridors. While the list of 2024 locations has not been released yet, new stores will likely open in areas experiencing strong residential and commercial development. Past years have seen new locations added primarily in the Southern, Midwestern, and Western United States, as well as parts of Canada, so these areas may be more likely to see new stores in 2024.

Will there be any new Costco locations near me?

The best way to find out if Costco is opening a new store near you in 2024 is to check their website in early 2024 for a list of locations and addresses of new stores opening that year. You can enter your zip code or city and state to see new stores within a certain radius of your location. However, until the official announcement is made, there is no way to know for sure if a new Costco will be built in your immediate area.

How can I stay up to date on new Costco locations opening in 2024?

The easiest way to get the latest information on Costco’s new store openings in 2024 is:

โ€ข Check Costco’s website regularly for news updates and press releases announcing new locations.

โ€ข Follow Costco’s social media accounts, especially on Facebook and Twitter. New store openings are often announced there first.

โ€ข Sign up for Costco’s newsletters and mailing lists to receive the newest updates right in your inbox.

โ€ข Call your local Costco warehouse and speak to a manager. While they may not have details yet on 2024 locations, they can note your interest and contact you once new stores in your area are announced.

โ€ข Search online regularly for news articles about Costco’s expansion plans. Local media outlets are usually among the first to report on new stores coming to their area.


With expansion plans underway, Costco aims to open new warehouse clubs in several locations across the U.S. and Canada in 2024. As demand for bulk goods and affordable prices continues to rise, Costco seeks to meet customersโ€™ needs by strategically choosing sites for new stores. Whether youโ€™re an avid Costco shopper or have yet to experience their large-scale retail model, additional locations mean the increased opportunity to find value in everything from groceries to gasoline and beyond. By the end of 2024, Costcoโ€™s reach will extend to more cities and neighborhoods, giving members access to significant savings on bulk items and introducing new customers to a retail experience unlike any other. The next time you need to stock up, a Costco club may be coming soon to a community near you.

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